Drill Instructor Demo

While digitally painting the Drill Instructor character, Nick recorded his art process, which you can watch below. Complete with commentary, Nick shows you the techniques he uses in creating the Forts art style.

Screenshot Saturday

Tim ‘Crackshot’ Auld has made some jammy shots in his time, but this one takes the biscuit! #241


Rocket Chainsaw Article

During PAX, we had the pleasure of showing Joseph Rositano the ins and outs of Forts, and he’s done a bang up job of writing up his experience with the game on Rocket Chainsaw.


Screenshot Saturday

This week on : Laser vs Cannon – Direct energy beam vs High Explosives ballistic shell


Geek.com Article

The fine people of Geek.com have compiled their list of the top ten most promising indie games they saw at PAX Aus, recently. Guess which game claimed top spot? 😀


Grab It Magazine Article

It was great to chat to Nathanael Peacock from Grab It Magazine at PAX Australia. He’s written up a nice little article about his hands-on experience with Forts.


Hooked Gamers Article

Forts has received another post-PAX Aus write up, this time on hookedgamers.com.


Aussie Geek Article

As the dust settles after PAX Australia 2015, the first Forts write up has arrived from aussiegeek.com.au. We’re so pleased to have Ben Pfarrer take the time to play the game over what, we’re sure, was as busy a weekend for him as it was for us.


Screenshot Saturday

1 of 3 new special PAX Australia Forts maps. Build up to Laser, down to missles! Have a go on Friday!


Screenshot Saturday

Attention, Forts Fans! New Drill Instructor art added. Heed her in-game tips to improve your combat effectiveness!