Take command of the Combined Forces in their battle to beat back a resurgent Black Penguin Oil in Forts’ first DLC. Moonshot DLC features new weapons, features, and commanders!


New Campaign

Fight to recover the moontech across the Pacific Rim, in four new theatres of combat, unlocking new weapons, and discovering new features.

  • Four new weapons:
    • Buzzsaw – Shreds bracing and background bracing. Self-destructs after three shots.
    • Smokebomb – Blinds enemy anti-air defences.  Prevents enemy construction and repair.
    • Howitzer – Causes huge structural damage.  Projectile has multiple hitpoints.
    • Magnabeam –
  • Three new commanders – Marshal your fort with one of the new Combined Forces commanders
    • Buster – Armour piercing sniper can paint targets for missiles. Foundations have no resource cost.  Heavy explosives gain armour-piercing depleted uranium. Snipers fire small EMP rounds.
    • Moonshine – Shields behave like doors and block armour piercing snipers.  Area of effect weapons gain EMP capability.
    • Phantom – Cloaked weapons until damaged. Dummy Weapons (appearing ghosted for owner).  Uproot and move weapons almost instantly. Silent weapons.
  • Portals – Discover all the new possibilities of attack and defence with the portal.
    • Link portals to pass projectiles & beams through.
    • Switch direction of fire.
    • Draws energy during operation.
  • Capture Points – New gameplay mode, requiring players to fight over battlefield derricks in order to activate the endgame.
    • Connect to a derrick to decrease points.
    • The more derricks controlled, the faster the rate of depletion.
    • Depletion of all points causes enemy blastdoor to open, allowing reactor to be attacked.
  • Combined Forces HUD – New in-game Combined Forces HUD for you to enjoy.
  • Moonshot Music – All-new soundtrack, also available to purchase separately.