Screenshot Saturday

Attention, Forts Fans! New Drill Instructor art added. Heed her in-game tips to improve your combat effectiveness!


Screenshot Saturday

forts_2015-07-27_195131-Twin Silos

This week on FORTS: Advanced Tactics – Use Swarm Missiles to protect the Warhead!

Battle Replay #1

Tim and Nick are joined by Lee May and Ray Morgan from, as they bring you their first Battle Replay.

Through the three parts, they cover the initial construction stage of the game, resource collection, tech-tree choices and the weapons they unlock. Stay tuned to find out who emerges victorious in this epic opening chapter of the Forts Battle Replay series.



PAX Aus Stand Artwork



We’ve just submitted the artwork for the Forts stand at PAX Aus at the end of the month. It’s going to look a  little something like this. EarthWork Games is part of the PAX Rising area of the Indie Pavilion, and will have Forts available to play all weekend. Hope to see you there!

Indie Game Magazine – Screenshot Monthly

Indie Game Magazine were kind enough to feature Forts in their Screenshot Monthly piece in this month’s issue.

150908-IndieGameMagazine article are doing a feature per day on Australian and New Zealand indie games. Below is their nice little feature on Forts.


We’ve been Greenlit!



Just a quick post to say that we received an email from the Steam Store today to say that Forts has been Greenlit! Thanks to 6000+ people who voted us up. We’re over the moon. Now to complete the game!

Indie Game Magazine Article

We got another encouraging article about Forts published, this time from Indie Game Magazine.


Our First Write Up!

The good guys over at have been kind enough to provide us with our first article, and a well written and researched one it is.