AI, Perimeters and Factions

January has been busy, with many improvements and bug fixes. The major focus was on making the AI more believable. It can now fire missiles, repair everything, and target specific devices on the enemy fort. I plan to support configuration of the AI so it can ally with human players in specific ways (e.g. anti-air, repair, bombardment).

There was an exploit where a player could hide a weapon inside a fort made only of bracing and background bracing. The hole in the perimeter of the fort was not visible to the player. In order to (mostly) fix this the perimeter of the fort is detected and any background bracing on it is drawn normally (instead of in the foreground).

A long awaited feature is mostly complete: factions. This is currently a cosmetic change, with weapon sprites taking on a different appearance. Each additional faction is a data only mod so it’s very easy to add more. We’re getting ever closer to releasing a promo video.