Building Improvements

After fixing some bugs to do with construction, I’ve added several features to make building both more flexible and sensible.

More flexible in that you can change the material of existing struts on the fly. Previously you would have to destroy the strut and recreate it, which leads to a deformed structure as the building sags in the interim. This can be done by the context menu, or by holding Alt while selecting an existing strut.

You can also add devices and weapons into your fort and automatically have internal ‘rooms’ created for them. Struts get pushed into the background to make way for them, so you get a kind of cutaway view. You can then add doors for weapons to shoot out of. I’ll be working on a preview of this shortly.

Players are now unable to build from struts that have no support. In the past you could build chains of indefinite length in the sky. This changes the way you build because you get more immediate feedback on the structural integrity of your fort and can’t easily go off building something that won’t stand up.