Gameplay Testing

After some furious work trying to bring up the stability and playability of the game, Nick and I have had another play session with Tim and Nart of Witchbeam. The game only failed a couple of times, which was good news, although one of the resulting desyncs has been impossible to track down. I’ve added even more debugging in the hope of catching it the next time it happens.

We tried a few different maps this time, including Abyss, which sees the two teams facing each other across a bottomless canyon. Some adjustments need to be made to improve the pace of this map, but we enjoyed the variety after having played Vanilla – our basic test map – so many times.

We wrapped the night up with a few 2 vs 2 co-op matches. While somewhat chaotic, it’s an incredible amount of fun. The improved replay features were used heavily to pin-point blame.