Resource sharing, team skins, doors and more!

Work continues at a steady pace. Recent additions include:

  • Improvements to team resource sharing
  • Team skins for materials and joints (blue and red)
  • Unlimited undo in the level editor
  • Drag view around like a ‘hand’
  • Nudge keys for ground nodes
  • Retractible armored door material
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes

Now all team members share the same resource pool, and can select and use any device or material. Of course this means players can step on each others’ toes and spend resources unwisely. Communication will be important!

A new door material will allow you to protect your valuable weaponry, opening up a port to fire through when you need to. Don’t get too cosy though; they are costly and not as strong as regular armor.

Armored door material and team skins