Set sail on the United Navies’ battleships, carriers and dreadnoughts and combat the Pirate scourge in Forts’ second DLC. With a brand new water system, new campaign, weapons, ammo system, HUD and soundtrack, High Seas takes the classic Forts physics-based fun to the next level of building, battling and causing bubbles!

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New Campaign

Five years have passed since famed scientist Professor Fred Capacitor disappeared mysteriously on the high seas. Now his son Max, a captain in the United navies, has heard rumors of his fate, while fighting battleships, carriers and dreadnoughts of the pirate horde in search of a terrifying mega-weapon.


Features include:

  • 16 missions with unique backgrounds
  • Variety of mission types, such as:
    – Enforcement – Ships vs ships combat
    – Interdiction – Destroy enemy ships fleeing the area of operation
    – Boarding action – Take control of an enemy structure
    – Land vs Sea – Fort vs ship battle
    – Carrier strike – Bomb the enemy with ship-launched jets
  • Hostile & dynamic environments
  • Interactive graphic novel-style cutscenes
  • A refined learning curve that teaches the player new features and unlocked weapons mission-by-mission.
  • United Navies HUD
  • New dynamic soundtrack

New Armaments

Energy Dome
  • Creates protective energy shield against destructible projectiles.
  • Build low to protect against aircraft dropped munitions.
  • Fires Decoy ammo.
  • Fires Control ammo.
  • Launches Thunderbolt jets
  • Launches Nighthawk jets
  • Upgradable to Deckgun
  • Upgradable to Orbital Laser
  • Fires high-explosive shells
  • Upgradable to 2 & 3 barrelled versions*
  • *Switch between spread & focus mode
  • Requires Hardpoint
Orbital Laser
  • Fires Orbital Laser Sweep ammo.
  • Fires Orbital Laser Focus ammo.
  • Upgradable with aim assist.
  • Requires Hardpoint


  • The Squirrel. Lures and redirects enemy Swarm and Warheads.
  • Fired by Launcher.
  • Takes control of structures.
  • Fired by Launcher.
  • Drops multiple explosive munitions.
  • Launched from Runway
  • Drops high penetration, incendiary Paveway bomb.
  • Launched from Runway
Orbital Laser: Sweep
  • Laser beam moves across the target area.
  • Fired by Orbital Laser
Orbital Laser: Focus
  • Laser beam focuses on the target area.
  • Fired by Orbital Laser.

Water Tech

The classic proprietary physics engine Forts is known for has received a major upgrade with the addition of the new water system. Ships float with true buoyancy, listing to one side if off-balance. Any structure not connected to a reactor will sink to the ocean floor unless reconnected swiftly. The ocean surface features its own set of splash FX, water and bubbles particles, underwater explosions and sound effects. This tech opens up a whole new world of possibilities of gameplay and modding to an already very satisfying physics-based experience!

Exclusive High Seas Features

United Navies HUD

New in-game United Navies HUD for your enjoyment.

High Seas Music

All-new soundtrack by Ella van Dyck, also available to purchase separately.

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