Take command of the Combined Forces in their battle to beat back a resurgent Black Penguin Oil in Forts’ first DLC. Moonshot DLC features a whole new campaign, new weapons, features and commanders!

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Advanced Arsenal

  • Shreds bracing and background bracing
  • Self-destructs after three shots
  • Requires: Workshop
  • Blinds enemy anti-air defences
  • Prevents enemy construction and repair. Blocks laser weapons.
  • Requires: Armoury
  • Causes huge structural damage
  • Projectile has multiple hitpoints
  • Requires: Munitions Plant
  • Attracts projectiles to point of impact
  • Requires: Factory


Discover all the new possibilities of attack and defence with the portal.

  • Link portals to pass weapons through
  • Switch direction of fire
  • Draws energy during operation

Capture Points

Moonshot brings with it a new gameplay mode, requiring players to fight over battlefield derricks in order to activate the endgame.

  • Connect to a derrick to decrease points
  • The more derricks controlled, the faster the rate of depletion
  • Depletion of all points causes enemy blastdoor to open, allowing reactor to be attacked

Combined Forces Commanders

Marshal your fort with one of the new Combined Forces commanders

  • Passive: AP Sniper can target for Silos
  • Active: Depleted uranium shells.
  • EMP Sniper – Sniper can disable weapons, devices and doors
  • Passive: Shields block AP snipers/Shields behave like doors
  • Active: AoE weapons swap explosive power for EMP capability
  • Passive: Cloaked weapons until damaged. Dummy Weapons (appear ghosted for player)
  • Active: Uproot and move weapons almost instantly. Silent weapons

Exclusive Moonshot Features

Combined Forces HUD
New in-game Combined Forces HUD for you to enjoy

Moonshot Music
All-new soundtrack, also available to purchase separately.

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