Additional UX design. Provides the player with a whole new graphical skin and sound effects for the in-game HUD, including the main console, reactor readouts, and commander gauge, as well as replay control panel.

To activate, go to Options -> Game -> HUD Skin.

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Campaign, weapons, ammo, and new water tech
Forts – High Seas

Set sail on the United Navies’ battleships, carriers and dreadnoughts and combat the Pirate scourge in Forts’ second DLC. With a brand new water system, new campaign, weapons, ammo system, HUD and soundtrack, High Seas takes the classic Forts physics-based fun to the next level of building, battling and causing bubbles!

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Campaign, weapons, commanders and more
Forts – Moonshot

Take command of the Combined Forces in their battle to beat back a resurgent Black Penguin Oil in Forts’ first DLC. Moonshot DLC features a whole new campaign, new weapons, features and commanders!

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