Commanders Invitational Tournament

G’day, Forts fans!

Last week we launched a huge commander update, and to showcase the new commanders powers and abilities available we are hosting an invitation-only tournament. Join us to watch some of the best Forts players in the world take each other on in a 2v2, double-elimination contest and see how your favourite commander measures up!


Date: Sunday 1st November
Time: 12:00 PDT / 15:00 ET / 21:00CET
Mode: 2v2
Teams: 8
Format: Double Elimination
Maps: TBD


Firebird: Bobereto & Bowser
Warthog: LancenShield & Felix
Eagle Eye: SamsterBirdies & Tanya
Armourdillo: 42scientist & Noxx
Shockenaugh: LivelyEngineer & RageAlert
Scattershot: KingBenjai & Romerolagus
Phantom: Alexc & Cronk
Spook: Joepocalypse & M4r0x


Joining Nozehed on commentary duties will be the dulcet tones of Incursus and the hype of Synergy, fresh from his own 2v2 tournament from last month. Both will be streaming the tournament on their respective channels.

Project Incursus


EWG artist Blammo has produced this announcment’s art as part of Inktober. To see more re-imaginings of some of the Forts commanders, you can follow EWG’s Twitter account here or Blammo here.


If you haven’t already, join our the Forts Official Discord server for discussions on weapons, strategies and modding with our friendly and helpful community!

Thanks for playing Forts!


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