Early Adopter’s Map Pack & Spook Spotlight

G’day Forts Fans! Forts has now been out for one week, and it has been a crazy ride. We’re really humbled by the numbers of players buying the game, the contributions to the Community Hub and all the positive recommendations. We’d like to thank everyone, especially those who have picked up Forts in the first week of release, by providing you with three new maps, Drop the Bomb, Snow Leopards, and Vanilla 4v4. We’ve also added a Commander Spotlight featuring Spook, to the Guides.

New Maps

Drop the Bomb – Take the enemy on in a frontal assault, or build up, shoot at and release the explosive barrels to take them out in one go. Includes AI fort.

Snow Leopards – A two-on-two battle, in which detaching the elevated fort, can result in a double play, if your shooting is sharp enough.

Vanilla 4v4 – Eight players battle it out, all the while knowing that the destruction of the fort on their shoulder could lead to their downfall.

Commander Spotlight -Spook

Spook has been one of the more popular Commander choices since launch, and we have put together a spotlight guide in the community hub, offering tips and tactics.

Build 2017-04-27a

Today’s update addresses the following issues.

Fix: TDM turbine exploit
Fix: fire in the hole mine count breaks achievement
Add: Disable hover & E if weapon is selected (to make optional later)
Fix: upgrading turbine reduces efficiency
Fix: complete missions hard achievement triggered on easy
Fix: High achiever on hard not working
Fix: TDM host gets into a state that prevents clients joining
Command to set TDM team is sent too late, causing desync
Allocated team immediately after join state sent
Fix: sweep_blocks deletes blocks of zero and two nodes
Fix: Crash in PhysicsManager::RepairOverlappingStructure when device platform doesn’t exist
Fix: missiles use parent structure height rather than team extents
Fix: Crash caused by compiling scripts on some machines, now off by default

Thanks for playing Forts

BeeMan, Nozehed & Blammo

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