Forts Amateur League Season 1 Playoffs Winners! SPOILERS!!!


G’day, Forts fans!

Congratulations to Hagelslag Maten for winning the inaugural season of the official Forts Amateur League!

The FAL medal is theirs to proudly display until the next season concludes and a new winner is crowned. felixwoelmuis and FreekandelBroodje have also earned a spot in the next season of the Forts Pro League to compete for the FPL trophy. In addition, felixwoelmuis was unanimously chosen by the league officials and casters as the playoff MVP for his standout sniper play and one of the greatest clutch performances of all time in the final, and will be recognised with the medal below.

FAL Season 1 Playoff bracket


ProBruhTeam was the first to take a game off of Hageslag Maten, knocking them down to the lower bracket in round two before facing them again in the best of 3 finals. They were on the cusp of victory before falling in heartbreaking fashion, battling network conditions and the indomitable felix. The replay of this match is now available in the Featured tab and we highly recommend watching with the new Observer tools (icon in the very lower left hand corner) enabled.

Their FPL dreams are still alive though, as they will have one final opportunity to face the next lowest FPL team after relegation to take their spot in next season. Stay tuned for more information!

And watch the live broadcasts here:

English Cast with Incursus and 42 scientist

German Casts with Salzwerk and Armordillo



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