Forts Amateur League – Season 2 Playoffs Winners! SPOILERS!!!


G’day, Forts fans!

Congratulations to Door Snip for winning season two of the official Forts Amateur League!

With the FAL medal proudly displayed on their mantle, Jim_M99 and Taretar have also earned a spot in the next season of the Forts Pro League to compete for the FPL trophy.

This season, Pile Rouillée was voted by the league officials and casters as the playoff MVP for his astounding 1v2 comeback and impressive phantom skills. For this, he will be recognised with the medal below.

FAL Season 2 Playoff bracket


Door Snip and Up Grade Santé ripped apart their respective opponents on both sides of the bracket, in crushing 2-0 victories. They then faced off in the Finals, where Door Snip were ready to end their opponent swiftly. However, they did not anticipate such high resistance in a mirror match, featuring an Architect tug of war. The replay of this match is now available in the Featured tab, and we highly recommend watching with the new Observer tools (icon in the very lower left hand corner) enabled.

Alas, as opposed to the previous season, there will not be a promotion match to follow immediately. Instead there will be an extended off-season, during which we will make improvements and tweaks to the FAL and FPL rules and processes for an even more exciting season three. During this break, there will be several other official Forts events such as map making contests, tournaments, and more!

And watch the live broadcasts here:

English Cast with Incursus

German Casts with Salzwerk and Goldjunge


French Casts and POV by Up Grade Santé


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