Forts Amateur League Season 2 Playoffs!


G’day, Forts fans!

The second season of the Forts Amateur League (FAL) group stage has concluded. An expanded roster of 24 teams tested their skills against one another across 3 groups. The top 2 teams from each group now advance to the finals to compete for the FAL Champions medal, and promotion into the Forts Pro League next season. Cheer them on live October 7th at 12pm EDT!

Congratulations and best of luck to the qualifying teams!


FAL Playoff Teams

Up Grade Santé [UGS]

Gusteagle & Pile rouillée

Winners of Group A, with a record of 7-0.


Clockwork Mechanism of Victory [CMV]

Hallrassy & Vert1ks

Winners of Group B, with a record of 7-0.


Door snip [DS]

Taretar & Jim

Winners of Group C, with a record of 6-1.



bulyga & 太鳳

2nd place in Group A, with a record of 6-1.


Trinitrotoluol [TNT]

T1g3r & sweep_

2nd place in Group B, with a record of 5-2


Meph. Doktoren [MD]

Hacktoni & Murt

2nd place in Group C, with a record of 5-2.

The completed group stage ladder…

The finals bracket…


When is it going to happen?

The FAL Playoffs will take place Saturday October 7th

  • 12PM EDT (East Coast US)

  • 4PM UTC (London)

  • 6PM CEST (France, Germany)

  • 2AM AEST Sunday October 8th (Australia)




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