Forts Five Year Anniversary Sale!

G’day Forts fans!

If you told us in 2017 that Forts would still be going strong in 2022 we would have told you to drop your core! On April 19th Forts turned five years old, and what a ride it has been! We are eternally grateful for all your fantastic support. The Forts community is a credit to the game, be it welcoming and helping new players on Discord or creating inventive and exciting mods and maps. We thank you all!

To celebrate we have initiated a sale across our entire catalogue, offering existing players with a great opportunity to expand their Forts library, as well as enticing players on the fence into the Forts fold. This sale runs from April 30th for ten days.

Forts Five Year Health Check

So what are the numbers looking like after five years? Let’s take a look!

Community Numbers

EWG Lifetime Steam Units: 986,142
All-time peak players: 2583 (7280*)
Workshop Mods: 1,561
Workshop Maps: 17,471
Discord Members: 6,210
Updates: 57

In-game Numbers

Most popular commander – Overall: Architect
Most popular commander – Ranked: Pinchfist
Players completed Black Gold campaign on hard: 2602
Players completed Moonshot campaign on hard: 753
Players completed High Seas campaign on hard: 212
Battles fought: 54.2 million
Hours spent: 12.9 million

*Free multiplayer weekend

Forts Timeline

Let’s take a look back at some of the notable events over the past five years.

1 – April 2017 – Forts Launched – 1,362 peak players
After 14 years of development, Forts finally sees the the light of day, on April 19th 2017.

2 – May 2017 – Forts First Tournament – 1,079 peak players
Having found a small, but passionate player base, Forts’ first community-led tournament is arranged six weeks after launch.

3 – September 2017 – Steam Workshop Integration – 197 peak players
The first phase of Steam workshop integration arrives, allowing players the ability to upload their custom maps for other Forts players to try out.

4 – October 2017 – Tons of Guns – 835 peak players
Six new weapons and two extra tech buildings are added in the free Tons of Guns DLC, expanding the tech tree significantly.

5 – November 2017 – ADGA Award Winner – 424 peak players
At Melbourne International Game Week, EarthWork Games is recognised by their Australian game development peers at the AGDAs, receiving The Best Defence is a Good Offense award.

6 – December 2017 – BPO Commanders – 543 peak players
The Commander roster is pushed out to 12 with the addition of three Black Penguin Oil characters: Scattershot, Seep & Shockenaugh in another free DLC.

7 – May 2018 – Campaign Mods – 258 peak players
Players are granted the ability to create and share their custom campaigns with the campaign mod workshop upgrade.

8 – June 2018 – Ranked Multiplayer & Repair Station – 7,280 peak players
The multiplayer scene receives a boost with the introduction of ranked multiplayer, allowing players to wrack up points in competitive matches and find appropriately skilled opponents. The Repair Station device is added to ease the APM demands, should players need it. A free multiplayer-only weekend brought in a slew of new players also saw the record of concurrent users increased to 7,280.

9 – June 2019 – Forts – Moonshot DLC – 971 peak players
just over two years after launch, Forts first paid DLC is launched. Moonshot adds a whole new campaign, new faction, weapons and Capture Point game mode.

10 – July 2019 – Ranked Season 1 – 626 peak players
The ranked multiplayer scene is reorganised and reinvigorated with the formalisation of seasons, complete with end of season leaderboards and medals.

11 – December 2019 – Multiplayer Training Missions – 940 peak players
In an effort to help onboarding of new players into the multiplayer scene, training missions are added, complete with new environment set and drill instructor.

12 – May 2020 – Forts Trading Cards – 776 peak players
Steam trading cards finally make an appearance for the owners of Forts.

13 – June 2020 – Forts Pro-HUD – 775 peak players
A new Pro-HUD mini-DLC is launched, allowing players to support the game further with the purchase of HUD reskin and medal.

14 – October 2020 – Commander Update – 741 peak players
The fifteen-strong commander roster is given an overhaul, with rebalanced abilities and new powers for many characters.

15 – January 2021 – Welcome Romerolagus – 1,989 peak players
Dedicated community member Romerolagus is drafted into the EWG team to help moderate Discord and other areas of interaction with the growing Forts player base.

16 – March 2022 – Forts High Seas Launched – 2,583 peak players
Almost five years after its’ initial release, Forts second full paid DLC is launched. High Seas drastically expands its’ appeal with the addition of water tech, ships, weapons and ammo.


If you haven’t already, join our Forts Official Discord server to connect with other players, share strategies, create maps and mods, and for more information on upcoming events.

Thanks for playing Forts, and here’s to five more years!

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