Forts – High Seas Modding Guide & Medal Update

G’day Forts fans!

We hope you have been enjoying the new Forts High Seas content! We’re hot on its’ heals with a small update to facilitate the publication of a new guide to help all you modders out there who are keen to get to grips with the new High Seas features. We’ve also streamlined the medal system. Read on for more info…

Mapping with Water

To make creating naval maps easy, we’ve added the new dlc2_template map for you to copy and edit within the Map Editor menu. We’ve also touched up The Forts Map Editor guide with the details you’ll need to understand how they are put together. Look for the ‘Making Water Maps for High Seas‘ section.

High Seas Modding Guide

Our new water-based DLC has a bunch of new features that modders can tap into: ammunition to change weapon behaviour, orbital bombardment, bomber planes, build queues, dynamic terrain and more! If you are interested in making mods using this new functionality, read our new How to mod High Seas guide.

It comes with two companion Workshop mods to demonstrate the ammo system and orbital bombardment: Cannon Double Shot Ammo and Orbital 20mm Cannon Sweep Ammo.

The original modding guide, How to mod Forts, has been updated with new functionality that is not dependent on High Seas. The ‘Device Upgrades’, ‘Beam Configuration’, and ‘Moonshot Only Features’ sections have been modified. The ‘ApplyMod’ section has been renamed to ‘Post Processing: RegisterApplyMod’ and updated to reflect the current functionality.

Campaign Medals

With a third official campaign recently added, we thought it worth rewarding those who have battled to the end of the campaigns. How it works is players who complete a campaign on normal or hard difficulty will have a ‘silver’ campaign complete medal added to their trophy cabinet and lobby name, effectively pimping out the existing DLC ownership medal where applicable. This will be blinged up with a ‘gold’ campaign complete version if the campaign is completed on normal or hard difficulty with all achievements attained.

Leaderboard & Lobby Revamp

With the addition of new medals and some development bandwidth available, post-DLC launch, we have reorganised how player medals are displayed in the leaderboard and lobby screens. The way it works now is every unique medal type gets a spot next to the player’s name. If a player has multiples of the same medal a star appears next to the most recent medal of that type, with all medals appearing in the expanded view, as seen here with the illustrious EtaN’s collection.

Changelist – dlc2 18 r12703

Add: MetalFireCost and EnergyFireCost to ammo types
Add: new control behaviour table support to projectile_list, “dlc2_control”.
Add: (script functions) GetProjectileParamBoolByIndex, HasProjectileParamNodeByIndex, GetProjectileParamStringByIndex, GetProjectileParamIntByIndex, GetProjectileTypeIndex

Fix: (crash) weapons that change ammo type (beam/projectile) are not restored correctly because current ammo has not been restored yet
Fix: (crash) when showing weapon context menu and ammo type has no devices
Fix: (orbital laser) can’t fire projectiles due to failure of trajectory resolution (add: FIREFLAG_DIRECTAIM)
Fix: (orbital laser) duration is not following the configuration
Fix: (The Coming Storm Pt2) no win when player has no propellers left, ship movement stalls and is past the buoy
Fix: (Sinking Nemo) rearmost sub becomes active during second cutscene
Fix: missing translations for some high seas campaign weapon unlock banners
Fix: non-consume ammo shows count
Fix: queue context button shows even if all ammo types are non-consume
Fix: when adding ammo to a weapon without ammo from a device, the default ammo context button uses that of the new ammo type
Fix: bad references to moonshot campaign and cutscene music
Fix: players medals can bleed over other columns in chatroom if they have long names and/or lots of medals (limit the number of medals shown)

Improve: Added improved medal stacking mechanics:
– medals belong to different groups (e.g. seasonal result, tournament champion, community tournament champion, etc)
– only the most recent Seasonal/champion medal for the group is shown in the condensed leaderboard view
– DLC Ownership and campaign completion medals are now grouped, so campaign complete medal is shown instead of the ownership medal
Improve: (Rolling Thunder) replaced Flaks with Machine Guns in normal scripts for more gentle challenge
Improve: DLC campaign medals now check for dlc ownership
Improve: dlc2_ammo_control mod now specifies the default non-campaign control ammo behaviour, dlc2_campaign2 mod overrides it for specific campaign behaviours
Improve: latest loc updates
Improve: ranked map pool for season 17
Improve: split control behaviour to a new mod, “dlc2_control_base”, included by other mods to enable control projectile behaviours
Improve: steam DLC campaign achievements now check for DLC ownership

Remove: (ammunition from device) don’t add default device consume dependency to self

Changelist – dlc2 19 r12708

Improve: updated ranked pool to indicate which seasons each were in

Fix: (Hardpoint) crash when cursor goes into aiming arc
Fix: dlc_control_base mod spams debug text to log file

Remove: CONTROL_SPAWNCONVERTEDONLY support from dlc2_control flags (redundant flag)


If you haven’t already, join our Forts Official Discord server to connect with other players, share strategies, create maps and mods, and for more information on upcoming events.

Thanks for playing Forts!

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