Forts/High Seas Update 1.16

G’day Forts fans!

We hope you’ve been enjoying Forts and the new High Seas DLC. As always we’ve been beavering away in the background, cooking up a new and improved version of Forts. This is another mixed bag of minor and not-so-minor improvements, but the modders out there should be the most excited.

The headline is the new dynamic tool tip system. The game will now automatically generate appropriate tool tips for materials, devices, weapons and ammo, and append them to the end of those already specified. They include the tech requirements, upgrades, ammo types that a weapon fires, various properties, and so on. Mass and hit points are appended to the item name, too. They are instantly updated when items are disabled or enabled. We hope this will improve accessibility.

Since the tool tips can now be more than a few lines long, scrolling is sometimes required in the expanded HUD, triggered using the Q key, or by pressing the graphical button on the HUD. When hovering over an item, you can hold Ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel in order to view the obscured lines.

Modders will no longer need to be concerned with writing detailed tool tips, and combinations of mods will be reflected correctly. We recommend modders revisit their published mods and remove tool tips now duplicated by the new system, particularly technology requirements. In some cases you may want to exclude upgrades from tool tips; you can set HideFromToolTips = true on the upgrade to achieve this.

Another much requested modding feature is the ability to use the path variable during load time of a mod’s script.lua. This will allow modders to better organised and reuse their scripts.

A change has also been made that allows projectiles to trigger similar projectile conversions that beams have had. The following example, an addition to the howitzer projectile’s Effect table, will allow a sniper to create a flaming howitzer.

AirImpact =
[“sniper”] = { Effect = “effects/energy_shield_ricochet.lua”, Projectile = { Count = 1, Type = “flaminghowitzer”, StdDev = 0 }, Splash = false, Terminate = true, KeepLifespan = true, KeepAge = keepAge, PosT = 1, Offset = 0 },

The full change list is below for your interest. As always we invite you to provide constructive feedback here or via the Official Forts Discord, Have fun!


Change list – dlc2 21 r12906

Add: dynamic tool tips for materials and devices to show upgrades, tech requirements, consumption, etc.
Add: (Upgrades table) HideFromToolTips to avoid upgrade inclusion in dynamic tool tips
Add: (GetMissileTargetProjected) returns the distant missile target for the AI
Add: (standard forts) missing High Seas clipboard files for FortMid, FortShafts and Leviathan
Add: (tool tips) hit points and mass next to device and material name
Add: IsDeviceBeam script function
Add: New script function SetUnlimitedResources(int teamId, bool unlimitedMetal, bool unlimitedEnergy) to enable/disable unlimited metal and/or energy
Add: queue for ranked map pools to avoid late changes
Add: View.HUD.ToolTips.LineMaxLength constant to limit length of dynamic tool tips (set to 200)

Balance: (Deckgun 1) reduce build time from 100s to 90s (-10%)
Balance: (Deckgun 2) increase build time from 80s to 90s (+12.5%)
Balance: (Deckgun 3) increase build time from 60s to 90s (+50%)
Balance: (Eagle Eye) reduce GaugeDamageHitpoints from 3150 to 2250 (-29%)
Balance: (Hardpoint) reduce build time from 60s to 30s (-50%)
Balance: (Scattershot) increase GaugeAttackHitpoints from 6000 to 9000 (+50%)
Balance: (Scattershot) increase GaugeDamageHitpoints from 1500 to 2250 (+50%)
Balance: (Spook) increase GaugeDamageHitpoints from 2250 to 3150 (+40%)
Balance: (Spook) increase GaugeDamageHitpoints from 2250 to 3375 (+50%)
Balance: (Thunderbolt ammo) decrease build time from 27 to 24 seconds (-11%)
Balance: scale deck gun kick back with number of barrels

Fix: (ammo, Deckgun, dome, hardpoint, Harpoon, Orbital Laser, Runway) debris of destroyed weapons need updating
Fix: (beams) BeamRetriggersImpactProjectile defaults to false, preventing revival of impact projectiles
Fix: (beams) BeamRetriggersImpactProjectile is not taken from ammo
Fix: (Bolt from the Blue) objective not satisfied if Paveway bomb destroys Thunderbolt ammo
Fix: (Buster) typo in DU effect sprite name
Fix: (commander selection menu) description text can overlap scroll bar
Fix: (Deck Guns) require Munitions to switch between modes
Fix: (Deckguns) explodes with derrick debris
Fix: (decoy, planes and orbital ammo) debris is that of a derrick
Fix: (Dry Dock) absence of no-build zones allows player to cheese mission
Fix: (Dry Dock) not clear Warheads are obtained from upgrading Swarms
Fix: (Fort Falls) missing and overlapping terrain visible when zoomed out
Fix: (Fort Falls) rope attachments can be Made to underwater terrain, allowing cheese
Fix: (French) missing {HighSeas} token in Shockenaugh description
Fix: (Hillfort) precipice in front of forts and peak of hill are not symmetrical
Fix: (HUD) standardise the unit of comparison for materials to one grid division
Fix: (ListBox) list scrolling sometimes fails
Fix: (ListBox) the last line after word wrapping retains additional spacing that makes word wrapped lines irregular
Fix: (Lobby) chat text can overlap the scroll bar
Fix: (Magma-beam Pt2) confusion over normally buildable surface
Fix: (Magma-beam Pt2) player’s Ironside doors inoperable during repair
Fix: (Magma-beam Pt2) some metal bracing over the smokestacks cannot be drag-replaced into another material
Fix: (map editor menu) highlight clipping
Fix: (Map Editor) block details text overlaps
Fix: (Moonshine) some weapons may not have EMP icon due to GetDeviceTypeSplashDamageByIndex referencing obsolete variable
Fix: (orbital laser mk2) droopy trajectory preview when selected ammo is not available
Fix: (orbital laser) fails to fire when beacon lands on an invulnerable material
Fix: (Phantom) move ability cannot drag-move weapons to locations inside their aiming gizmo
Fix: (propeller) repair cost is inconsistently high
Fix: (report) “Send” button background highlights when disabled
Fix: (report) local file path too long causing zip and upload to fail
Fix: (runway) explodes with derrick debris
Fix: (Russian) ‘Mine’ is incorrectly translated
Fix: (Scattershot) Control ammo gets 2 prediction lines (which are different)
Fix: (Scattershot) Dome gets a trajectory preview
Fix: (shields) internal disabled shields are not drawn as bracing for enemy
Fix: (ShowTipChecked, IsDeviceTypeAmmo) script function documentation issues
Fix: (skirmish howitzer) flaming version has different balance than regular (e.g. flaming stops at ropes)
Fix: (The Squirrel) foundations are weak
Fix: (Thunderbolt, Nighthawk) debris trails make mortar flight sound
Fix: (Volcano background) clipped and overlaps grid
Fix: (Warthog active) beams do not receive second chance
Fix: (Workshop screen) inconsistency in highlight position
Fix: both weapons and ammo tabs are highlighted after an upgraded weapon is selected
Fix: ClearOnFocus for editbox clearing text incorrectly wrt cursor
Fix: context menu is not refreshed when an upgrade is enabled or disabled
Fix: crash when rolling over context menu upgrade button in team death match
Fix: desync when player has init.dat in a map folder, setting the random seed
Fix: Filters popup overlaps scroll bar
Fix: ground devices can be built over neutral structure
Fix: HUD items flicker in when e.g. selecting a device after being in the materials tab
Fix: import of standard forts doesn’t work from pack files
Fix: language selection screen is missing titles
Fix: local player past Seasonal medals do not appear correctly next to each seasonal
Fix: low frame rate on Linux when using High Seas functions
Fix: Maps/Mods forced to require DLC if they include a mod supporting (but not requiring) DLC
Fix: mod selection screen content overlaps scroll bar
Fix: NoDrawEdges, NoSplash, NoBuild and CanBuildOver key shortcuts missing from input keybind tab
Fix: NoDrawEdges, NoSplash, NoBuild, CanBuildOver have no stringId
Fix: OnLinkHitBeam not called when strut is invulnerable
Fix: overlap of map name with scroll bar in editor menu Edit tab
Fix: projectile-projectile AirImpact effects can’t terminate the projectile
Fix: projectiles with max age > 60s start invisible
Fix: released key events don’t have their consumed flag cleared, preventing handling in some cases
Fix: some languages are missing the trailing space for key modifiers
Fix: SoundEvent = “effects/device_explode” missing in some cases
Fix: string building when async uploading files is not thread safe
Fix: various list highlights and scroll bars are overlapping
Fix: window shows ‘not responding’ when clicking during initial loading
Fix: projectiles can be attracted to themselves, causing invalid position calculations

Improve: (commander descriptions) DLC icons can be inserted mid-string, and multiple
Improve: (commander selection menu) increase line spacing for readability in some languages
Improve: (details panel) show zero fire cost for weapons with no default projectile
Improve: (expanded HUD) if cursor is not over an item, show the description for the currently selected one
Improve: (GetMissileTarget) returns actual missile target
Improve: (Hillfort) lower wind floor, turbines have 83% efficiency at top
Improve: (Hillfort) move workshop one strut forward to allow sell off of rear material
Improve: (Hillfort) shift mines to allow construction of 6 without deletion
Improve: (HUD tooltips) have word wrap to handle long descriptions and dynamic lists
Improve: (report) can now click anywhere in edit box to enter edit mode
Improve: (report) no longer need to press enter to commit description text (send button updated while in edit mode)
Improve: (Reporting System) add reason to reporting system
Improve: (Reporting System) add Warning/Ban for false/spam player reports
Improve: (Reporting System) create additional Ban/Warning types so players get better feedback on their bans
Improve: (Reporting System) increase chat history logged in player reports
Improve: (Reporting System) remove report button from disconnect messages for players who briefly joined and quit a lobby without interacting
Improve: (Reporting System) rename “Quit” button to “Forfeit” button for host in active MP games
Improve: (reporting System) separate “Host has forfeited” message for when a host quits a match in progress
Improve: (script.lua) set path variable before load to allow dofile to work on secondary scripts
Improve: (Thunderbolt, Nighthawk) explosion effect moves forward instead of backward
Improve: (tool tips) larger font for Commander name
Improve: (tool tips) offset from HUD moved to constants
Improve: (tool tips) title and header fonts moved to constants
Improve: (tutorial 1) hide the reactor bar to avoid confusion around a partly visible HUD
Improve: (Vanilla) lower wind floor, turbines have 83% efficiency at top
Improve: add ‘Use: ‘ prefix to High Seas weapons for consistency
Improve: added extra hardpoint debris and removed some from Turret and dome
Improve: added gunners to debris
Improve: description ‘attaches to soft ground’ changed to ‘attaches to any ground’
Improve: early tutorial link build instruction changed to ‘peform action’ and make it just once
Improve: environment mod preview image support – will check the root mod folder for environment preview if none found in the environment sub folder
Improve: increase spacing in tool tips for Chinese
Improve: invalid SaveNames are removed from device and material prerequisites
Improve: remove invalid upgrades and upgrade prerequisites in device post process
Improve: removed edge case in script function AddResources for setting unlimited resources
Improve: unlimited device & material tool tips (list navigation controls can be used in expanded HUD, hold Ctrl + scroll when cursor over button)
Improve: updated English commander descriptions with High Seas specifics
Improve: validate environment overriding to ensure players can only override non nested built-in environments

Optimise: (ListBox) only use the control’s bounds to detect mouse-over for scrolling

Remove: device storage from details panel (no icon, now shown in dynamic tool tips)
Remove: fire cost from weapon preview when there’s no default projectile
Remove: obsolete test01.lua surface scripts and commented references
Remove: start-loaded built-in mod

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