FORTS – HOTFIX 2018-06-10a

G’day Forts Fans!

Just a quick update…there have been issues with the lobbies and we’ve done a hotfix to fix those now. Restart steam now to get the hotfix.

Here are the details…

HOTFIX 2018-06-10a

Balance: reduce rank search distance from 300 to 250
Fix: crash in leaderboard screen when lobby search takes a long time
Fix: ghost lobbies appear at first and always take up some of the limited slots
Fix: lobby list overlaps bottom of the panel
Fix: open lobbies may be pushed out of the search by closed lobbies
Fix: crash when trying to update loading screen when a sample failed to load
Fix: Host can see opponents name in ranked briefly before it’s overwritten by anonymous name
Fix: tute 2: restart while waiting to build the mortar, mortar attack happens early and never ends
Fix: text to upgrade minigun in mission “Alternative Facts” not in english
Fix: typo in mission 203 “Wahead”

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