FORTS – HOTFIX 2018-06-13a

G’day Forts Fans! We’ve addressed a few more urgent issues with this update. The leaderboard was getting laggy with so many entries, so we have optimised that and allowed you to filter the list by selecting the minimum number of games.

As always thanks for sending in bug reports and suggestions!

HOTFIX 2018-06-13a

Add: games count below which leaderboard entries are not shown, default to 3
Add: diagnostics to fix a desync
Optimise: remove line highlight from leaderboard
Optimise: only add one leaderboard line per frame to increase responsiveness
Fix: potential memory corruption when creating new devices, causing weapons to face down and other symptoms
Fix: blank out lobby win counter in ranked games to prevent ‘ducking’
Fix: shield doesn’t fade while under repair, failing to indicate it is not working
Fix: Hang Time not symmetrical
Remove: changing of names from Steam name (to limit trolling)
Remove: free weekend note from main menu

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