FORTS – HOTFIX 2018-06-21

G’day Forts Fans! This hotfix doesn’t change the version in the main menu or invalidate replays, as none of the changes affect gameplay. In an effort to improve the first multiplayer experience of some eager users, we’ve required them to complete the tutorials before unlocking the menu. To reduce accidental pausing in multiplayer, the Escape button must be pressed by the host for a short period to bring up the pause menu. Thanks to KingBenjai and other testers we’ve sorted out a few edge-cases that were causing errors and desyncs. Let us know if anything plays up and we’ll get onto it.

HOTFIX 2018-06-21

Add: Multiplayer menu is locked until player has completed the tutorials
Add: EnforceReplayVersion option to settings.lua (set to false to load some older replays)
Add: Updated main menu news to invite tournament XII sign ups
Fix: It’s easy to accidentally pause the game with Esc (now hold briefly to pause)
Fix: local database incorrect error when leaving while host is paused
Fix: clients returning to chatroom are sometimes still in ready state
Fix: if client exits game with status messages in the command queue, local database can get out of sync
Fix: client status messages received while waiting for others are not always executed in time
Fix: Join button is enabled after click and can be pressed again causing duplicate sprites and desync

HOTFIX 2018-06-22

Change: only require Esc to be held down when hosting in a custom game, and shorten time to 140ms
Changed ‘Games’ spinner to say ‘Min. Games’
Fix: achievements fail to trigger if the player exits the campaign quickly
Fix: tutorial achievement on Page1 not granted if both tutorial missions are complete on entry
Fix: tips are inappropriate in TDM
Fix: repair tip shows if team mates are damaged
Fix: tips can show when the suggested device is under construction (e.g. battery)
Fix: turbine tip can show when the player still has plenty of energy
Fix: crash loading Mars One 3v3 in single player
Fix: weapon preview is drawn when drag-grouping and keep device selection is enabled
Fix: translations

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