FORTS – HOTFIX 2018-09-17a

G’day Forts fans! We’ve become aware of a cheat being used to gain an advantage over other players. This update will now cause a Data desync if this is used, or other modifications are made to your local data files. If you experience a Data desync immediately upon entering a multiplayer battle, follow this procedure:

1) Right click on Forts in Steam
2) Select properties, then go to the local files tab
3) Select Verify integrity of game files

Any changes to your files will be reverted.

Note: this will not remove files that have been added. The game preloads all scripts in the effects folder, including those of active mods. So adding any will still cause a Data deysnc. If this happens, delete the extra scripts, or delete all scripts and then verify the game files to get a new, unpolluted copy. If you are still having trouble, delete the data folder and then verify, or re-install Forts.

HOTFIX 2018-09-17a
Add: DebugPixelFormat option to avoid DescribePixelFormat, potential cause of crash for a user
Balance: Firebeam penetrates at least 90 after armour (reduced from 120)
Optimise: only preload ambient environment effect on World start
Fix: scripts and images can be edited to expose hidden information (now causes Data desync)
Fix: link initial hitpoints not updated when backgrounding a strut
Fix: ExplosionCache::LoadExplosion adds effects even if they’re already loaded
Fix: EMP is triggered when ignited by Firebeam
Fix: flaming warheads turn into damaged warheads when hit, not damaged flaming warheads
Fix: crash when sending files during a desync report

HOTFIX 2018-09-18a
Fix: some mods cause Data desyncs

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