FORTS Hotfix and Tournament XI : Battles Commence this Weekend!

Greetings FORTS fans!

Following feedback from the first week of ranked multiplayer we have released a hotfix. The main change involves making the ranking system anonymous. This is to prevent players cherry picking matches they think they can win, leaving better players waiting for a long time. The ranking system is intended to match you with players of similar skill level, which means you may sometimes lose. Unless you are xRayz3n. We’ve also reduced the number of projectiles in the swarm, as rushing them was an OP strategy. Some important improvements were also made to anti-air. Full list below. As always we welcome your feedback.

Build 2018-06-07a Changelist

Add: other players anonymous in ranked matches
Add: ‘Please wait for a match’ text when starting a ranked mp lobby
Balance: increase max ranked score distance from 200 to 300
Balance: reduce missile swarm size from 15 to 13 (loss of 13.4% net damage)
Balance: reduce shrapnel damage vs mg and minigun from 25% to 20% of normal to compensate for increased shrapnel
Fix: change clients to unready if host changes configuration options in a ranked match
Fix: don’t create new score until the first match is scored
Fix: window hung test too sensitive (crash when viewing leaderboard)
Fix: line highlight overlaps scroll bar in leaderboard screen
Fix: disabled text style hard to differentiate from normal (made darker)
Fix: ranked score for lobby matching can be calculated incorrectly
Fix: no ? substitution for unsupported characters in leaderboard
Fix: repair station shows efficiency when selected
Fix: resource icons missing from display when device selected
Fix: K (kilo) suffix in resource read-out not localised
Fix: energy & metal icons missing in device tags
Fix: anti-air sometimes aiming badly
Fix: anti-air (especially flak) sometimes doesn’t fire
Fix: anti-air (especially flak) sometimes closes door on firing weapon
Fix: weapons can be placed in repair state while firing
Fix: unreliable ping doesn’t help to keep connection from timing out
Fix: crash when host shuts down and local client no longer exists
Fix: console error when seeking around outro cutscene
Fix: install paths containing certain characters can prevent Skirmish maps appearing

Also a reminder that the FORTS Tournament XI is this weekend! This will be our first 3v3 competition and we’re really looking forward to some intense mega-multiplayer action. There are still some slots open, so enter now while you still can.


Saturday, June 9th, 6pm BST (British Summer Time)
(check-in opens two hours prior, please check-in on Challonge BEFORE the tournament starts!)

Other timezones:

  • 6pm BST (British Summer Time)
  • 7pm CEST (Central European Summer Time)
  • 1pm EDT (USA Eastern Daylight Time)
  • 12pm CDT (USA Central Daylight Time)
  • 10am PDT (USA Pacific Daylight Time)
  • 3am AEST (June 10 – Australian Eastern Standard Time)


The FORTS Multiplayer Lobby and Official Discord


Click here to sign up on Challonge.
(please only sign up if you are sure you can participate)
Click here to sign up to the Forts Discord.
(you MUST be on the Forts Discord to participate in the tournament)


  • 3v3
  • Single Elimination
  • Team Co-op
  • 15 minute battle time limit
  • Ton of Guns enabled
  • Commanders enabled
  • Draws decided by total damage inflicted
  • 16 teams max.


EarthWork Games Twitch Channel
EarthWork Games YouTube Channel
EarthWork Games Mixer Channel
Project Incursus Youtube Channel


(chosen randomly during the tournament (the list may change)

Dueling Vipers 4v4

Hell Mouth 3v3

Jagged Teeth

Stalactites 4v4

Up & Down 3v3

Vanilla 4v4

Wingman 4v4

Ziggurat 4v4

note: Earthwork Games reserves the right to make changes to this event as needed

See this post on Steam