Forts Map Making Contest II – Winner: Cronkhinator!

G’day Forts fans!

We’re thrilled to announce the winner of Forts Map Making Contest II and the results could not have been any closer. With our judges deadlocked over the top two maps and their scores identical it fell to the viewers to break the tie and vote their choice into Forts history. They did so by the slimmest of margins, selecting CronkhinatorYT‘s map as the first ever player submitted map to be granted entry into the ranked pool. Cronkhinator will also receive a medal and take over the current Map Maker Champion’s role on Discord. Congratulations!


Featuring upper and lower building sections with clever placement spots and an expressive design that may hold hidden meanings…

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2nd Place

Our runner-up and winner of the previous map making competition is M4r0x.

Coming in with another stunning map invoking imagery of rose vines and thorns and very nearly claiming a second consecutive title M4r0x continues to prove his reputation is well deserved as both player and map maker.

3rd Place

In 3rd place is Thonio who submitted an exquisitely detailed wraparound map.
Portals lining the sides of the map force players to redefine their concepts of front and back and to prepare for battle on all sides.

Viewer’s Favourite

Another highlight was Alexc96161‘s unique first-of-its-kind map with moving terrain.
A timer in the corner counts down to mark floating islands that rise majestically to alter the landscape at set intervals. Never before seen, this was the viewers top rated map.

Thank you to our map testers who battled it out on stream, DFC members Etan, Geiger, Bowser, Firework, felixwoelmuis, and LandPlanters.

And to our hosts and judges, Frazzz and Project Incursus. Catch the tournament recorded on their channels and see all the other great maps that were submitted.

[previewyoutube=v0UU7iF366k;leftthumb]Smash Gaming (Frazzz)[/previewyoutube][previewyoutube=ogPfkCJRWqA;leftthumb]Project Incursus.[/previewyoutube]


If you haven’t already, join the Forts Official Discord server to find these and other maps and for more information on mapmaking, modding, strategy, and upcoming events.

Have fun playing Forts on all of these amazing new maps!


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