Forts Map Making Contest II

G’day Forts Fans!

Today we announce a map contest with a very special prize. The winning map from this upcoming event will qualify for admission into next season’s ranked map pool. That’s right, your map could become a season 11 battleground!

The event will consist of two stages. Competitors have from now until 6pm UTC Feb 21st to submit their maps in accordance with the rules below. From there, On Feb 27th our judges will announce 10 finalists whose maps will be judged live on streams Feb 28th 6pm UTC. A group of top players will compete in exhibition matches while the judges and the viewers rate the map. The winning entry will be added to the ranked map rotation pending revisions. The map creator will also be awarded the Map Making Champion medal in game and the Map Making Champion role on Discord. Don’t miss your chance to help decide which map becomes a part of Forts history!

Our Judges and stream hosts
Project Incursus
And live voting by the viewers of each stream

In order to participate you will need to:

  • Have Forts
  • Familiarise yourself with The Forts Map editor and Style Guide
  • Create and submit a map that fulfills all requirements by Feb 21st 6pm UTC
  • Be present for the judging (Feb 28th 6pm UTC)

[u]Updated 2021-02-10[/u]
If you cannot be present for judging, you may prepare a description of your map to be read on stream by the judges or an assigned proxy

Map Requirements

  • An original map created from scratch
  • Balanced for competitive 1v1 play
  • Begin with 1-3 Mines
  • Have a wind floor set
  • Allow most weapons, and starting weapons do not dictate optimal strategies
  • Be symmetrical
  • Have suitable performance on all computers

How to submit your map

  • Upload your map to the Steam Workshop with the name “[FMMT2] – yoursteamname” example, FMMT2 – Romerolagus
  • Set your Workshop visibility to Hidden
  • On the Official Forts Discord, direct message @Romerolagus with a link to your entry

Maps will be graded according to appearance, gameplay potential, Forts best practices, and viewer ratings. A more detailed description of the full grading criteria can be found on Discord. We look forward to seeing your creativity on display.

The Forts Map Editor Guide

The Forts Map Editor Style Guide

Special thanks to Cronkhinator and 42 scientist for organising Map Making Contest I.

Good luck to all the competitors and have fun!


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