Forts Map Making Contest III – Finals Stream

G’day Forts fans!

Over the past couple of months some creative members of the Forts community have been hard at work designing and building maps for the third iteration of the Forts Map Making Contest. The deadline has passed and we can now say the quality of submissions has raised the bar again. Such was the high standard of the submitted maps, our judges had a difficult task narrowing them down, but eventually they arrived at the final ten, seen below.

Help us congratulate the successful finalists by joining us for the Forts Map Making Contest III – Finals Stream where the winning map will be chosen after a series of battles by some of the top players in the community. The winning map will be added to the ranked map pool, with the creator being awarded the Map Making Champion in-game medal. Additionally, runners-up have the chance to be added to the built-in selection of maps included with Forts.

The action starts Saturday November 6th at 8pm UTC with our judges and hosts Project Incursus and Bobereto Gaming, with contributions from judges and developers Nozehed and Blammo.


In alphabetical order, the maps selected for inclusion in the finals stream are:

Live streams starting November 6th at 8pm UTC
Bobereto Gaming
Project Incursus

Joining us will be several of the top finishers from season 13 to help field test the maps. Current and former champions EtaN and Matteo along with Firework, Geiger, KillerGruetze, Shadow Knight Wolf, and Teutonick. Once again we would also like to thank everyone who submitted a map. Our judges struggled right up until the last second making their selections.


If you haven’t already, join the Forts Official Discord server for more information on mapmaking, modding, strategy, and upcoming events.

Join us to watch as the successor to Skylands is chosen!


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