Forts Map Making Contest IV – Winner: Flinnshadow!


G’day Forts fans!

To celebrate the addition of multi-level water in Forts Update 1.17 we ran the fourth edition of the Forts Map Making Contest. We had a host of great entries which our judges boiled down to the best five, which were then featured in a livestream this Saturday just gone.

After being put through their paces by some of the best players in the Forts community, the winner was selected. Congratulations to Flinnshadow for his winning entry Unearthed Aquifers! This map will feature in Sal Vaux’s news bubble in the Forts front end. Flinnshadow will also receive $100 Steam gift card, with 2nd receiving $50 and 3rd $20.


The winning map features a 4v4 configuration with two forts, and two ships per team, and includes AI scripts. Flinnshadow has added a nice touch in the way that the ships move towards a fort when it has been destroyed so that it is easier to connect to the foundations and mine extra metal resources. Flinnshadow is to be commended for the high standards his map attains, with the multi-level water perfectly implemented, and the time taken to ensure the terrain looks so good! A well deserved winner!


2nd Place

Just pipped into second place is MandalorianJedi, who has excelled himself with his entry that recycles the volcano and fireballs feature from the Forts – High Seas campaign. As well as contending with each other, players must keep an eye on the skies as fireballs periodically rain down on all combatants. This handsome map also features a mega-rig in the middle of the map, laced with explosive barrels, and sitting in an oil slick. A very excellent entry!


3rd Place

Coming in third is Deltarray’s 2v2 map, which has a very interesting gameplay feature: a whirlpool! As the battle progresses, a whirlpool gradually appears in the middle of the ocean, sucking in all combatants. Players must use recoil effectively to push their vessels away from the whirlpool and therefore each other. A really entertaining concept, and a worthy finalist!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a map and we wish you the best of luck in future competitions. Every competition the bar continues to rise and so many excellent maps are being produced. And remember, if you want more maps, there are over 18,000 in the workshop, of which almost 700 have AI to fight against. To find them select the ‘Skirmish’ filter.

Thank you also to our showcase players, Etan, Cronkinator, AlexD, and Noha for field testing the maps live on stream.

And to our hosts and judges, EWG developers Blammo and Noze, streamers Frazzz, Project Incursus and a German cast by Salzwerk. Recordings of this event can be found on their channels.



If you haven’t already, join the Forts Official Discord server to find these and other maps and for more information on mapmaking, modding, strategy, and upcoming events.


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