Forts Map Making Contest IV


G’day Forts fans!

Our latest update opened the floodgates of creativity for High Seas mapmakers with the inclusion of multi-level water. To celebrate this new feature we’re looking for the best 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 map that makes use of it in the fourth official Forts map making contest.

The winning creator will receive a $100 Steam gift card, Map Maker Champion in-game medal, and have their map promoted in-game, on Steam, and across social media.

New multi-level water system in action.


The event will consist of two stages:
Stage 1 – Competitors will have from now until Nov 19th 8PM UTC to submit their maps in accordance with the rules below.

Stage 2 – Our judges will select the 5 best entries to go into the Live Stream Dec 3rd 8PM UTC, where a group of top players will compete in exhibition matches to showcase each map while the judges look on.



1st place

– $100 Steam gift card, in-game Map Maker Champion medal and accompanying role on Discord. The winning map will be promoted in-game, on Steam, and across social media.

2nd place

– $50 Steam gift card

3rd place

– $20 Steam gift card


Live Stream

Date – Dec 3rd 8PM UTC

Judges and stream hosts:
Project Incursus

In order to participate you will need to:

  • Have Forts and High Seas
  • Familiarise yourself with The Forts Map editor and Style Guide
  • Create and submit a map that fulfills all requirements by Nov 19th 8pm UTC

Map Requirements

  • An original map created from scratch
  • Balanced for competitive 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 play
  • Begin with 1-3 Mines or 2-6 Propellers
  • Make use of multi-level water
  • Allow flexibility with weapons and strategies
  • Receive the Symmetric tag on the Workshop
  • Have suitable performance on all computers

How to submit your map

  • Upload your map to the Steam Workshop with the name “FMMC4 – yoursteamname” example, FMMC4 – Romerolagus
  • Set your Workshop visibility to Unlisted
  • On the Official Forts Discord, direct message @Romerolagus with a link to your entry before Nov 19th 8pm UTC.

Maps will be graded according to appearance, gameplay potential, and Forts best practices. A more detailed description of the full grading criteria will be made available on Discord. We look forward to seeing your creativity on display.



In order to improve your map’s chances of winning, check out these guides on Steam for best practices:

How to mod High Seas

The Forts Map Editor Guide

The Forts Map Editor Style Guide

Special thanks to Cronkhinator and 42 scientist for organising the first community led map competitions.

Good luck to all the competitors and have fun!


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