Forts Map Making Contest V – Winner: MandalorianJedi!


G’day Forts fans!

In anticipation of the upcoming FPL Season 2 we dedicated our 5th official map making competition to the creation of new 2v2 battlegrounds. Our judges were given the unenviable task of selecting 5 finalists for the livestream out of the 19 entries received. Then after a series of showcase matches featuring the newly promoted Hagelslag Maten a winner was selected. Though not without controversy…

Congratulations to MandalorianJedi, winner of Forts Map Making Contest V! Mt. Fuji 2v2 will be added into the FPL and FAL Season 2 map pool as will Boonies 2v2 from runner-up Mech70 and S. S. S. Skylines from third place winner Flinnshadow. Also making a return is Wingman to bring the total number of maps to 11 and reach parity with the Ranked 1v1 map pool.

The winners also receive Steam Gift cards of $100, $50, and $20 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively. Flinnshadow has elected to donate their $20 prize to the winner of the upcoming community event EtaNLess 1v1 Tournament 2 brought to you by EtaN.


1st Place: MandalorianJedi – Mt. Fuji 2v2
Mt Fuji 2v2’s most notable feature is also its most controversial. Impending doom hangs over the players in the form of remnant cannons and howitzers. This leftover ordnance threatens to plunge downwards onto the bases and wreak havoc, potentially deciding a match. While it can be safely disarmed with the appropriate weaponry, the cost of doing so could be a fatal setback against opponents willing to risk everything on an all out attack. It was the clear favorite amongst the judges who loved the spectacle, but a source of trepidation for the FPL map testers.


2nd Place: Mech70 – Boonies 2v2
Boonies 2v2 by Mech70 combines standing forts at relatively close range with hanging forts at longer range. The hanging forts must build downwards to expand past 3 mines while the standing forts front expansion could provide a foundation for additional defenses or a point of vulnerability for opponents to drag the base down.

3rd Place: Flinnshadow – S. S. S. Skylines
Flinnshadow’s S. S. S. Skylines more than lives up to its name with a massive environment that extends vertically beyond all reason and is filled with small details. Despite this, the action is contained within an enclosed area with bases snugged into pockets of terrain. Unique attachment points abound and managing angles is paramount.

Thank you also to our showcase players, AkkerFreek, felixwoelmuis, Flinnshadow, and greatwo for field testing the maps live on stream.

And to our hosts and judges, EWG developers Blammo and Noze, Project Incursus and event organizer 42 scientist.

Livestream VoD


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