Forts/Moonshot Update 1.10

G’day Forts fans! As always we are constantly trying to improve the performance and experience of Forts. Today brings a mixed bag of improvements and fixes, as well as a couple of features added to the ‘Alert to new lobbies’ setting in the Lobby selection screen. We appreciate your continued support, bug reports and suggestions.

Changelist 2021-02-06

Add: sound effect and highlight when a new lobby appears in lobby select screen with Alert to New Lobbies enabled
Add: a count of lobbies found to the Lobby Select screen’s Online tab

Improve: remove steam IDs from ranked replays
Improve: prefix ranked replays with the season
Improve: (Armourdillo active) new sounds for AP Sniper and fixed its sounds cutting off when spammed
Improve: (Magnabeam) hit sound has more variation to help solve loud sfx during accelerator
Improve: add error message when a weapon’s inverted type doesn’t exist
Improve: add logging of monitor selection for debugging
Improve: eliminate weapon overheating when rapid fire is enabled
Improve: change email address to
Improve: add player steam id to crash and desync filenames
Improve: ‘alert to new lobbies’ set in Lobby Select screen is triggered for ranked lobbies
Improve: only show cursors in replays when position commands are being received
Improve: (Wedge) updated to have proper AI
Improve: remove featured replays that no longer exist on ftp on game startup
Improve: Raknet socket failure is not fatal to Steam multiplayer
Improve: hide “Player Name” text in reporting dialog for ranked matches
Improve: various map fixes

Fix: (Magnabeam) field projectile isn’t recreated when the beam returns from off-screen
Fix: (Magnabeam) impact effect appears on portals
Fix: (German) translation of ‘Capture’
Fix: (Chinese) various translations
Fix: ranked score logging accidentally enabled and spamming log
Fix: replays with missing local maps are considered invalid (old or corrupt). They can’t be loaded and will get cleaned up if players click “delete invalid replays”.
Fix: crash when a file prefixed with ‘language-‘ exists in the mod folder
Fix: (Firebird active) flaming trail sounds missing
Fix: (Armourdillo active) AP minigun passes through many shields
Fix: (Buster active) flaming and flaming damaged DU warheads don’t have DU projectile
Fix: when projectiles hit a shield, penetrate effects are not executed according to momentum; it’s always impact
Fix: PhysicsManager::ExecuteProjectileAction doesn’t apply speed loss to surviving projectiles
Fix: when the player doesn’t have the resources to build a ground device, the error effect is at the origin
Fix: (Blastdoor) missing audio
Fix: invalid versioned featured replays appear in the featured replays list
Fix: game crashes if item download completes after being kicked from a lobby
Fix: terrain edges are drawn twice due to display list generation in both background and foreground
Fix: terrain filling and edge display lists assume current blend function and colour
Fix: (BreakStructure) when PlaceNode fails the link is not correctly destroyed
Fix: (replay desync) keyframes can be made in the middle of messages received for the current frame
Fix: (replay desync) temporarily braced node positions are not consistently updated after a keyframe is restored
Fix: disconnected player reporting issues

Remove: (ranked) Capture as an option due to lack of popularity

Changelist 2021-02-07

Fix: Cannons, howitzers, etc. will cause no damage to shields
– projectiles without correctly specified penetration momentum will now use an impact effect
Fix: terrain edge corruption due to random series overshoot in some situations (reverted fix)
Fix: crash in HandleCollisions when node is out of range

Changelist 2021-02-07b

Fix: (projectile desync) PNode::mProjectileAgeTrigger is uninitialised
Fix: terrain edges are drawn twice (fixed original fix)
Fix: steam ID in desync report folder name cause separation of host and client folders
Fix: flaming EMPs pass through enemy portals

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