Forts/Moonshot Update 1.15

G’day Forts fans!

Welcome to another regular update of Forts. If you’ve glanced at the change list: yes, this is a relatively small update. In fact, it’s small enough that we’ve focused on bugs and improvements that won’t render replays made with the previous version obsolete. The reason for a small update is that, as you might know, we are working on something in the background. Of course there are always improvements that need to be made. You can find the list of changes below.

Also, With the new season we’ve got a new pool of maps for the ranked competition. The maps for Season 16 are:

  • Abyss
  • Hang Time
  • Ledge Grab
  • Stalactites 1v1
  • Vanilla
  • Battlegrounds 1v1

As always we invite you to provide constructive feedback here or via the Official Forts Discord, Have fun!


Changelist 2022-02-02

Improve: (AI recording) when node deletion is blocked, show all unstable links
Improve: reduce map and mod suggestion cooldown from 30s to 20s
Improve: German translation (thanks, asca)
Improve: Chinese translation (thanks, Rothes)

Fix: crash when the drive letter is reported in lower case
Fix: crash when a structure separates and a linked portal is no longer valid
Fix: desync when joining or replaying a game with custom AI (thanks, asca)
Fix: weapons are permanently unable to fire after being disabled while firing (thanks, LZjun)
Fix: weapon reload animations can loop if disabled while reloading (thanks, Mando)
Fix: idle device animations continue to play while disabled
Fix: weapon muzzle flash is not turned off if disabled during firing
Fix: Placing a device overlapping Armour while it is converting to BG does not give correct visual feedback (red cross on link) or audio cues
Fix: SetViewExtentLeft and SetViewExtentRight use incorrect values as the current view limits (thanks, asca)
Fix: cladding triangles sometimes appear elongated and detached from actual structure (thanks, LZjun)
Fix: Hide Overlays in Replay also hides the Forts watermark
Fix: missing client disconnect messages for players in chatroom while host is playing (thanks, Bobereto & Samster)
Fix: (OnTerrainHit) error message string formatting has too many parameters (thanks, Gxaps)
Fix: (OnNodeCreated) game does not list parameters correctly on script exception (thanks, Gxaps)
Fix: (AI recording) inconsistent/illogical restrictions on node and link deletion (thanks, asca)
Fix: (Lua scripting) ScreenPosition Get does not correctly set MaxY
Fix: profanity filtering missing from chatroom system messages for the local player
Fix: privacy issue in logging

Changelist 2022-02-02b

Fix: replacing materials temporarily opens holes in the cladding
Fix: devices have their idle animations paused on construction
Fix: when restoring a replay keyframe, disabled devices still have their animations run
Fix: crash in Multiplayer::DispatchPacket when shutting down without a World set
Fix: crash in GetWeaponAmmo when the projectile is invalid
Fix: crash when effect positions or directions are set to invalid values
Fix: crash when ClientDatabase::IsDev doesn’t find the local client
Fix: crash in Multiplayer::DispatchPacket when shutting down without a World set
Fix: crash in GetWeaponAmmo when the projectile is invalid
Fix: privacy issues in logging

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