Forts/Moonshot Update 1.2

G’day Forts fans! We hope you’ve been enjoying the game and getting amongst it for the first Forts ranked season. Having had a couple weeks rest after the intensity of the Moonshot launch, Beeman is back with some fixes and optimisations for you all. The map editor has received a few additions and tweaks, and Phantom gets a nice buff. Read on to find out more.

Changelist release 2019-07-25b

Add: capture point maps made symmetrical so they are available in ranked
Add: set ground_snap 0 to disable ground snap in map editor
Add: set block_details 0 to hide block text in map editor
Add: set block_bounds 0 to hide block bounds in map editor
Add: draw selected block outlines and normals on top of any other blocks and extents for clarity
Add: Editor.Zoom.Min/Max in constants.lua to adjust zoom depth in map editor only
Add: increase mSortedEffects reserve from 1000 to 2000 to handle common peak

Balance: increase max link length of portal by 5
Balance: (Phantom) Cloaked weapons stay cloaked with damage, only become visible when destroyed
Balance: (Phantom) Can move devices as well as weapons. Excludes devices that cannot be scrapped (e.g. Reactor and Derricks)
Balance: (Phantom) Can place dummy devices
Balance: (Phantom) Dummies ignore tech and population cap requirements
Balance: (Phantom) Dummy devices/weapons do not apply splash damage, etc when destroyed, affect resource production or generate repair fields
Balance: (fast-build) decrease portal warmup time to 1s

Optimise: don’t draw node extents, edges, normals, handles, or details for blocks off screen
Optimise: only ResolveMaterialTargets and CompactMaterialRenderOrder once for each material state
Optimise: Store reserves the maximum number of nodes to fill a minimum block allocation to avoid frequent reallocation

Fix: lobby chat history is unlimited, causing memory allocation and performance issues
Fix: if a client times out the host can cause every other client to desync by not queuing the disconnection message
Fix: Effects with invalid coordinates are accepted, causing memory corruption and crashes
Fix: reflected nodes can have their graphical position invalidated
Fix: crash in Weapon::Update and Weapon::DeserialiseSimpleData when projectile blueprint is NULL
Fix: extrusion can be broken after clients rejoin due to duplicate standin node ids
Fix: mod crash in ReceiveUpgradeDeviceMessage -> DeviceManager::DeviceSatisfiesPrerequisites when deviceBlueprint is NULL
Fix: mod crash in DeviceEditor::Update when blueprint is NULL
Fix: modders may change commander active material parameters that should be static
Fix: free particles with invalid position or indices can be added and drawn
Fix: weapons without a valid mProjectileBlueprint can attempt fire, beam weapons lock up
Fix: crash in Device::SetResourceAccount when device type is invalid
Fix: long Lua errors crash the game
Fix: when trying to connect to an incompatible version, the message telling the client this is ignored
Fix: in CommandInterpreter::HandleClientStatus, disconnected client is prematurely set to invalid, causing a warning message during correct handling
Fix: replays data desync when playing back games where Moonshot was disabled
Fix: Moonshot HUD is shown to non-owners outside of multiplayer Moonshot games
Fix: map editor colours are cluttered
Fix: host can spam Start in ranked to bypass the game limit test
Fix: when rejoining paused TDM simultaneously players can be given a co-op team and so have nothing to control
Fix: team 2 buster fires 20mm shells into team 1 shield, which hits a structure, you get a console error
Fix: 20mm particle accelerator crashes game (reduced load on effect system)
Fix: mPingReplies recording causing potential memory corruption or crash
Fix: start button can be spammed, sending network messages rapidly
Fix: (Black Gold) doesn’t mark cutscene missions (first two motherload) as complete when proceeding
Fix: (Phantom) Dummy devices/weapons apply splash damage, etc when destroyed, affect resource production and generate repair fields
Fix: (Moonshot) weapons unlocked when restarting a campaign mission
Fix: (Moonshot) it’s possible to connect through the top door in Missile Command

Remove: don’t draw bounding boxes and circles for unselected blocks
Remove: file access operations in ReadImageFile and TextureManager::ReadTexture for speed and lower chance of crash
Remove: Siberia: Eastern Block from multiplayer map selection

Thanks for playing Forts!


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