Forts/Moonshot Update 1.3

G’day forts fans! We’re back with another update for you, concerning some fixes and optimisations, and the introduction of in-game medals in preparation for the end of Forts Ranked Multiplayer Season 1 on September 30th.

This update also features some changes and additions for mod makers:

  • Projectiles now have a ‘DeviceDamageBonus’ variable which works just like WeaponDamageBonus.
  • The projectile DamageMultiplier table can now have “structure”, “device”, “weapon” and “projectile” entries that provide a catch-all for those categories, if no specific SaveName matches what is hit.
  • The projectile Effect system has been extended with the addition of the ‘Chain’ variable, which contains a list of additional effects to execute. These do not apply additional damage but can spawn visual effects and new projectiles.
  • Projectiles now have ‘EnemyCanTeleport’ variable which is an alias for ‘PassesEnemyPortals’, but does not trigger Moonshot dependency for the mod.
  • Projectile vs projectile collision damage multiplier has been moved from the receiver using Direct, to the giver using AntiAir. This makes it consistent with other damage multiplier types, and allows damage to projectiles having the same name as their weapon to be differentiated.
  • Commander descriptions can be modified in-game using paths such as mods\language-English\mods\commander-bpo-scattershot\strings.lua.

See the sniper projectile in the base files for samples of DeviceDamageBonus and categorised damage multipliers. Further documentation will be coming.


Introducing the new Forts medals system. Upon the completion of the current ranked season, players placing in the top three of the 1v1 and 2v2 leader boards will be awarded medals to signify this achievement. Additional medals will be awarded for anyone else who placed in the top 20. A star on the corner of the medal indicates that older medals have been hidden. Simply click on the medals to see the full history. Medals will also be granted to Forts content creators and modders/map makers who meet the minimum criteria, with those owning Moonshot DLC getting a further medal with immediate effect. A developer medal will also be awarded to the developers. It’s our game, so why not? 😛

  1. 1st Place – Season 1 – 1v1
  2. 1st Place – Season 1 – 2v2
  3. 2nd Place – Season 1 – 1v1
  4. 2nd Place – Season 1 – 2v2
  5. 3rd Place – Season 1 – 1v1
  6. 3rd Place – Season 1 – 2v2
  7. Top 20 – Season 1 – 1v1
  8. Top 20 – Season 1 – 2v2

  1. Current Tournament Champion
  2. Workshop
  3. Content Creator
  4. Developer

These medals will appear next to the player’s name, as shown, with visibility being specified in the game options screen (hide rank in lobbies) to avoid high ranked players getting kicked by fearful server hosts. Hovering over the medals pops out larger versions of the medal that can be clicked on to take the player to a specific destination, as described below.

Additionally, we have implemented a Trophy Cabinet section to the Ranked Match screen, for players to get an over view of their medals and bask in the glory of their haul in hi-res. This screen will also show placings from previous seasons.

Content creators with at least 100 subscribers can apply for a medal by emailing us at (from the email address listed on your channel for verification purposes) with links to three videos featuring Forts for at least ten minutes each. Also include a link to your Steam profile to allow the game to identify you.

Applications for the Workshop medal are handled via this form. To qualify, you must have at least one Steam Workshop item with at least 1000 subscribers.

Changelist release 2019-08-30a

Add: medals for devs, moonshot owners, streamers, modders, and ranked and tournament winners with popup links
Add: Trophy Cabinet to show ranked season and tournament medals
Add: Season results with links to previous leaderboards and medals earned
Add: AgeEffectsOnExpiry to ProjectileParams to prevent spawning of projectiles
Add: Chain to CollisionActionParams for secondary impact effects to projectile collisions
Add: support for additive highlighting of Button controls
Add: DeviceDamageBonus to projectiles
Add: WeaponDamageBonus and DeviceDamageBonus can be negative
Add: SetDamageMultiplier and SetDamageMultiplierSpecific convenience functions to projectile_list.lua
Add: DamageMultiplier categories for structure, device, weapon and projectile
Add: “Retrieving Workshop Items” notice at top of map/mod select screens if waiting on initial workshop initialisation

Optimise: loading of file selection screens (maps, mods, replays)
Optimise: Workshop maps/mods are no longer parsed for ranked matches

Fix: DamageMultiplier between projectiles are broken (moved multiplier from damage receiver to giver, and from Direct to AntiAir)
Fix: ConvertStructure goes beyond no-conductive struts, preventing correct set up of team forts connected to neutral structures
Fix: invalid upgrades are accepted without error, and cause crashes
Fix: mods can cause devices to be inconsistent between Team1/Team2 and Passive/Active without warning
Fix: ground animations are not loaded from environment
Fix: actions can spawn new projectiles with no life span, allowing infinite loops
Fix: howitzer projectiles don’t collide if they start within range
Fix: howitzer projectiles don’t collide if they are trapped in a portal loop
Fix: crash when a client disconnects during a ranked game
Fix: crashes calling load callbacks when OnP2PSessionConnectFail is called during loading
Fix: handling of excessive ping doesn’t score ranked matches
Fix: internal disconnecting client status gets spammed when receive timer times out
Fix: extrusion fails and can crash if a full extrusion material doesn’t have a recession target
Fix: commander specific fmod events are not reliably loaded
Fix: leaderboard names can overlap right most columns
Fix: ‘Unranked’ text in RankedMatchScreen can overlap first column
Fix: damage to background structures creates inaccurate damage stats
Fix: invalid forces can be applied to structures when a weapon is blocked by an unowned device
Fix: ray damage isn’t applied when a device is hit
Fix: remove defunct ‘left click deselect weapon’ option
Fix: rotate up/down by key allows weapons to aim and shoot outside normal range
Fix: ground edge sprites sometimes appear large and corrupted
Fix: materials with negative mass cause projectiles to slow down too much, sometimes producing infinite collision loops
Fix: mMaxSparks can be zero or negative
Fix: mSparksPerBurst can exceed mMaxSparks
Fix: forfeit message doesn’t arrive when force quit in ranked
Fix: when other team forfeits ranked winner can be decided by damage
Fix: if host times out player doesn’t score self in ranked
Fix: incendiary mortars don’t clear smoke
Fix: dedicated host setting can be used in ranked games
Fix: Workshop maps could appear in player tab of ranked map select
Fix: dlc1_MP0 incorrectly marked for “FromScratch” map select tab
Fix: “AllowEdit = false” maps were not being displayed for copy in map edit select (now greyed out for edit mode)
Fix: item list index was used to track current selection when going back to map select, and can get out of sync if still downloading items
Fix: Chatroom Subscribe messages could incorrectly pick a local display name in certain circumstances
Fix: MultiplayerUnlocked settings flag now also checks against steam multiplayer stats

Remove: error message when forcing default recession target for materials
Remove: turn stiffness limit error into a warning to avoid dropping console

Thanks for playing Forts!


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