Forts/Moonshot Update 1.5 – Multiplayer Training Missions

G’day forts fans! We’re back with the two in a one-two punch of updates. As well as the usual fixes and optimisations, Update 1.5 comes with the new multiplayer training missions.

Multiplayer Training Missions

With many new players expected over the holiday season, we though it high time we gave rookies a helping hand in getting up to speed with the techniques of online multiplayer combat, thus the multiplayer training missions.

After heading to the Multiplayer section of the game, you will find a Training tab next to the Online and Local tabs. This is where the training missions live. We have added three new missions aimed at teaching new players some of the common skills employed in the meta game. This new feature comes with a new environment set Training Ground, complete with all new props, Gunner Sergeant character and ambient sound effects.

Training Missions

  • Anti-Air – Survive against three AI forts for ten minutes. Construct anti-air defences to protect your fort against the enemy swarms and warheads.
  • Cross-bracing – Discover the benefits of cross-bracing or die. You have less than a minute to reinforce your base before the enemy blast-doors open and hell is unleashed.
  • Rush – Keep getting hit with swarm missiles before you’ve strapped on your helmet? Learn how to rush swarm missiles before the timer runs out in this training mission.

Don’t see a mission relating to a common n00b shortcoming? Build your own! Yes, training missions can be built by the community and added via the Steam Workshop integration. Simply add ‘Training = true’ to your mission script. This will prevent it showing up anywhere else, so make sure to record the AI for it before doing this. Sadly, we cannot supply localisation for play made training missions, but do encourage volunteers and collaborators.

Cheating in Ranked

Recently we found evidence of three players cheating in 1v1 ranked multiplayer. These players have had their scores for this season reset, and if they manage to achieve a top 20 position they will be ineligible to receive a medal in either 1v1 or 2v2. The flaw allowing them to cheat has been fixed.

Our team is very small, so incidents like this take valuable time away from more exciting work such as new features and content. If you know of anything going on, please let us know.

Release 2019-12-19a Changelist

Add: Christmas theme
Add: Multiplayer training missions (Anti-Air, Cross Bracing & Missile Rush)
Add: block_info command to track down symmetry errors
Add: capture point mode technical winner determination for ranked disconnections
Add: error logging for mod sound bank loading
Add: warning sound and taskbar flash when lobby goes AFK

Improve: make ‘Lock teams’ apply before game as well as during (off by default)
Improve: Load device and weapon sprites before configuration to allow re-use of sprites regardless of order, logging disabled

Optimise: remove DDS version of splash screen and updated PNG version to reduce load time
Optimise: pre-allocate mDevices::mNodeEffects to eliminate the need for copying in Device::Clone
Optimise: GetNodeCountSide and GetNodeAtIndexSide
Optimise: CompositeSprite::AddNode reserves space in child lists to avoid reallocation
Optimise: Link::UpdateCladBothSides doesn’t need to recurse if test already passed

Fix: duplicate instances Forts are possible (now brings existing instance to foreground)
Fix: crash when attempting to convert an invalid strut
Fix: crash when observer cycles selected device by key
Fix: crash when upgrade index is invalid due to duplicate device savenames
Fix: data desync caused by permanent non-preloaded effects
Fix: PhysicsManager::CapsulesIntersect returns an invalid position if the two midpoints are coincident
Fix: duplicate devices and material SaveNames can be created, causing issues
Fix: PhysicsManager::DrawLinkCladding accesses invalid third node
Fix: overlap of replay compress thread and join compress state can cause a host crash when someone joins
Fix: crash when interacting with background structures
Fix: crash on joining when desync_detected refers to unknown client
Fix: SetBlockFlags did not handle several flags (now shown in scripts/shapes.lua)
Fix: weapons can flip when their platform participates in breaks
Fix: ReceiveCreateNodeMessage can use an invalid position for LineSegIntersectsWithDevices
Fix: desync when devices are placed on near vertical struts
Fix: Workshop mods receive an invalid ‘path’ when changing sprites based on faction
Fix: the cursor is visible while taking map screenshots in editor
Fix: A Bridge Too Far missiles hit the ground
Fix: dlc1_MP 12 3v3 (Crossfire) symmetry error
Fix: anti-air AI sometimes leaves doors open when door is followed by solid strut
Fix: custom mod sound banks can fail to load first time
Fix: menu music starts at EWG logo rather than main menu
Fix: scripts replay desync when restarting campaign mission

From all of us have a safe and fun holiday season. Thanks for playing Forts!


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