Forts/Moonshot Update 1.7

G’day Forts fans!

Today we’re bringing you a small update, as we transition into Forts ranked online multiplayer Season 6. Most importantly: everyone’s favourite S-tier commander, Pinchfist, has had some adjustments made to bring him in line with the other popular commanders. Owners of Moonshot are now able to manually select the original HUD in the Options menu. Check out the patch notes below to find out more.

Release 2020-06-04a Changelist

Add: option to manually select HUD Skin
Add: Moonshot is always available in ranked
Add: community tournament medal
Add: dynamic list of available DLC to main menu
Add: Moonshot HUD specific Commander Gauge
Add: data.AntiAirInclude and data.AntiAirExclude to specify which anti-air weapons fire at which projectiles

Balance: (Pinchfist) removed 100% energy reclaim
Balance: (Pinchfist) damage reduces metal reclaim down to default
Balance: (Pinchfist) removed 25% repair discount
Balance: (Machine gun) overheats after 3 consecutive bursts, down from 4

Improve: ping ‘signal strength’ icons for ranked multiplayer lobby to avoid identification by exact ping
Improve: map edit list now remembers previous selection when returning from editor
Improve: file cache verbose logging to make flow easier to understand
Improve: minor tweaks to some steam workshop error messages

Fix: conversion to flaming projectile can allow skipping of obstacles
Fix: pressing the close door key before firing allow shooting through closing doors
Fix: storage is available while a device is being deleted (instant storage exploit)
Fix: high fire rate weapons don’t produce projectiles at consistent frame intervals
Fix: AI scripts can be recorded outside of Sandbox, allowing other AI to interfere
Fix: replay key frame out of sync error when restarting after recording an AI script
Fix: restarting sandbox after using build_fort causes a replay keyframe desync
Fix: build_fort can’t use fort specific scripts while recording
Fix: crash when a fort pos is no longer valid at the time when build_fort is used in Sandbox
Fix: AI can build out of order when recording is active (e.g. when mirroring a script)
Fix: some Workshop Verbose Logging path references
Fix: several PublishedFileId string format params
Fix: previous replay selection was not remembered after returning back from a replay
Fix: Shotgun reload anim sprite wraps, giving away position
Fix: Architect’s highlight sprites not showing when active
Fix: Flak projectile continues when it collides with terrain
Fix: can build 100% turbine behind terrain on team 1 side of Vanilla
Fix: link scrap context button shows build time rather than scrap time
Fix: projectile and device textures are not clamped
Fix: weapon angle control keys work while a weapon is being fired
Fix: tech building typos in Russian translation
Fix: Howitzer does no damage to Magnabeam and Firebeam
Fix: (tutorial 1) on sandbag deletion, you are prompted to rebuild the machinegun but can’t
Fix: (tutorial 2) delete mg and you can’t rebuild it
Fix: (tutorial 2) build mg after mortar bombardment hides the hud for mortar
Fix: (tutorial 2) incendiary mortar misses the wood
Fix: (Penguin) prevent attachment under ledges to prevent core swing
Fix: ranked host closes lobby when someone at limit joins
Fix: restarting Moonshot campaign mission causes a replay desync
Fix: (Pinchfist) half cost firing icon during active is not shown on all weapons
Fix: doors can be opened when right/left clicking to repair
Fix: firebeam reload animation loops
Fix: no steam coming from firebeam during reload
Fix: firebeam reload steam and machinegun overheat steam vanishes during repair
Fix: weapon reload icons don’t show during video capture
Fix: process crashes during exit if existing instance is found
Fix: Build cost of rocket inconsistent with upgrade cost of emp
Fix: compress thread is active and can crash while trying to save replay in World destructor
Fix: ExpireTime has no effect for beam weapons
Fix: can’t open doors for missiles through portals

Remove: end console command (restart now required to record again)
Remove: Moonshot specific dynamic main menu and pack

Thanks for playing Forts!


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