Forts/Moonshot Update 1.8

G’day Forts fans! We hope you and your family are well.

We’ve published a new update aimed mostly at quality of life. Highlights of this one include a new reporting and banning system to improve community behaviour (look for the flag button next to lobbies and player names), border-less window mode, rendering optimisations and important fixes to campaign missions, ranked score security, and weapon control. Check out the patch notes below to find out more.

Changelist release 2020-08-08a

Add: reporting/banning system
Add: borderless window mode
Add: profanity filter options checkbox
Add: (ranked) warning if a current score is expected but not found
Add: map editor mod selection message to explain mod selection wrt map creation
Add: -nodemap option to check_symmetric to log corresponding nodes

Improve: don’t select devices under the aiming arc
Improve: console/editbox delete speed (slow at first, fast when held)
Improve: (Vanilla 4v4) first two starting forts are in the middle to allow both to expand
Improve: increase commander tooltip description to 1 hour
Improve: display setup logging to make it easier to diagnose driver issues
Improve: end word boundary to “ass” profanity regex to reduce false positives
Improve: Chinese translation
Improve: “EnforceReplayVersion” setting moved to settings_hardware.lua
Improve: when gethostbyname fails fall back on starting connection without enumerating interfaces

Optimise: (PhysicsManager::DrawNodes) only create new primitive batch when texture changes
Optimise: (DrawLinks) only create new primitive batch when texture changes
Optimise: (DrawLinkCladding) only create new primitive batch when texture changes

Fix: can’t fire weapons at enemy if the terrain is within clearance distance behind them
Fix: portals can still be linked when the enemy takes over one side
Fix: replaying previous campaign page motherlode missions can incorrectly lock “next” buttons
Fix: firing then upgrading can cause the weapon to explode
Fix: transaction effect is obscured by Spook’s enemy resources panel
Fix: ground devices don’t snap symmetrically to sharp corners
Fix: ClipChildren doesn’t handle virtual view offsets well
Fix: (ranked) score can be overwritten if score download from Steam is late
Fix: console error when firing into enemy door through an owned door
Fix: doors of allies can be opened
Fix: crash in replay viewer when alert to lobbies is on
Fix: projectile_list.lua SetDamageMultiplier doesn’t replace existing multipliers when found
Fix: permanent barrier can be deleted while in device edit mode
Fix: beam weapons are unable to have different parameters during active (e.g. incendiary)
Fix: radial aiming gizmo lines aren’t drawn when weapon or structure goes off screen
Fix: beam texture doesn’t tile correctly
Fix: crash when older display drivers are given large display lists for ground edges
Fix: tooltips incorrectly displayed for invisible device, weapon, structure icons
Fix: Moonshot and Pro HUD medals don’t link to store pages
Fix: animation timing of machinegun, minigun and sniper is slightly off
Fix: CF faction has inconsistent arms for EE faction
Fix: BPO, IBA and DA factions have inconsistent arms on some weapons
Fix: reload animation for Scattershot AP-sniper timing is off
Fix: when non-supported characters are restored for the lobby name the editbox control can be unselectable
Fix: when switching leaderboard it’s possible for players from different leaderboards to play
Fix: upgraded devices on secondary structures are drawn in the background
Fix: (Goldberg) when turbines fall they are not counted against the objective
Fix: (Moorings) poorly placed starting foundation on corner
Fix: (Wingman 4v4) missing armour on forts

Remove: default mods from map creation in map editor

Changelist release 2020-08-14a

Add: support for Log function during load of mod script.lua

Improve: (Phantom) base game and mods can set CanMove, Cloaked and HasDummy without using ApplyMod
Improve: Chinese & Russian translations

Optimise: (condition-time limit.lua) avoid re-evaluating entire HUD layout every time its text is updated

Fix: can’t group missiles that are not close together
Fix: can’t drag-group weapons within the aiming arc
Fix: standin link can be drawn with the wrong texture
Fix: standin links vanish at start of games with lag
Fix: profanity filter can crash when logging some user input
Fix: crash when pressing Escape during GIF recording in replay
Fix: crash when a player clicks to change commander while being kicked
Fix: cursor doesn’t always snap to buildable ground at edge of unbuildable ground
Fix: cursor sometimes fails to snap to inside corners with unbuildable ground
Fix: cursor doesn’t always favour horizontal surface when snapping to inside corners

Thanks for playing Forts!


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