Forts Partnership – Community Sale!

G’day Forts fans!

As Forts continues to grow, EWG has partnered with marketing agency Infernozilla to help expand and develop our fantastic community. We can look forward to more tournaments, competitions and social media engagement, giving Forts players more opportunity to show off their skills and creativity to the world!

Infernofozilla’s experienced team includes community manager Silverballer who will work closely with Romerolagus and crew to ensure the continued successful running of the Forts Discord, Steam forums and tournaments. Monjie will be taking over social media comms for us.

To celebrate our new collaboration, we are running a sale over the weekend, so tell your friends, and if you see Silverballer or Monjie on Discord, please give them a warm welcome!
Forts will be 30% off until Monday, August 8th at 1PM CST!


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