Forts Pro League S1 Playoffs & Promotion Battle!


G’day, Forts fans!

The first Forts Pro League (FPL) regular season is nearing its end and soon four finalists will emerge. As with the recent Forts Amateur League (FAL) playoffs, the four top teams in the league will battle it out for eternal glory in the FPL playoffs. The ultimate winners will earn themselves $100 in Steam gift cards, bragging rights as the reigning champions, and the FPL Winner’s medal!

As with the FAL playoffs, the best player of the FPL playoffs will receive the MVP medal in recognition of their finals-shaping performance!

In addition to the headline act described above, the opening act will be the Promotion Battle between the FAL playoffs runner-up ProBruh Team and the second-last qualified FPL team. The winner of this match will earn the right to participate in the FPL season 2, while the loser will be a contender in the FAL for next season.

Hagelslag Maten, having already secured an FPL season 2 berth by winning the FAL playoffs, will take the place of the bottom team from FPL regular season 1.

Once the FPL regular season has been completed in the coming days and the league places finalised, we will update you all on who is in and who is out of these events. Stay tuned!

Watch the live broadcasts here:

English Cast with Incursus and 42 scientist

German Casts with Salzwerk and Armordillo


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