Forts Pro League Season 1 Playoffs Winners! SPOILERS!!!


G’day, Forts fans!

Congratulations to Speckfanatiker for winning the inaugural season of the official Forts Pro League!

Capping off a day of drama, tension, and even a touch of controversy, Der Benzinpreisvergleicher and Naomi emerge as champions of the first season of the FPL and take the winner’s medals. The Playoffs began with the relegation match between FPL team YES (Flinnshadow + Taichu) defeating FAL team Clockwork Titans (Hallrassy + Schuka) to retain their spot in the FPL roster for next season. Then the top 4 FPL teams faced off to determine the ultimate winner.

Amburulo of Danke Merkel delivered the standout individual performance of the tournament against Eagle Die. After losing their teammate Finn at cannon o’clock and being pummeled by warheads they battled back 1v2 in a match lasting nearly 20 minutes. This earned them the MVP nod from the judges and casters, but would not be enough to hold off Speckfanatiker in the Grand Final.

Challengermode Bracket


In one of most baffling moments of the competition, and perhaps the most controversial, a member of team Eagle Die missclicked in the opening seconds of their match vs Speckfanatiker and inadvertently collapsed their base. It happened so quickly that the cause was initially assumed to be a malfunction of some sort. After an examination of the replay showed it to have been accidental, the ruling was made for the match to continue with Eagle Die down a player.

1st Place – $100 in Steam Gift cards


  • Der Benzinpreisvergleicher
  • Naomi

2nd Place – $50 in Steam Gift cards

Danke Merkel

  • Amburulo
  • Finn

3rd Place – $20 in Steam Gift cards

Pro Aim

  • Helicopter
  • mcc72k

Replays & VODs

Replays from the FPL group stage and Playoffs will be made available in the Featured tab of the Replays menu in-game and viewable until next update

Full English Cast with Incursus and Noze

Full German Casts with Salzwerk

and DerGoldjunge

Relegation match from Salzwerk and DerGoldjunge


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