Forts Pro League – Season 2 Playoffs Winners! SPOILERS!!!


G’day, Forts fans!

Congratulations to -Veterans-, winners of the second season of the official Forts Pro League!

Living up to their name the -Veterans- EtaN and Firework outlasted the competition with the final round going the distance in a best of 5 matchup, facing two sudden death games. Their opponents, Helicopter and mcc72k of team Pro Aim (3rd place in FPL Season 1) had the early momentum before being ground down in the back and forth struggle. And in 3rd place Geiger and Malme of team westwind defeating team Green Leaf (Dranistian and Vykro) in the bronze match.

In addition to collecting an FPL trophy, one of the very few that had heretofore eluded him, EtaN was also named finals MVP for his consistently outstanding play throughout the tournament. Whether called upon to damage carry or support he fulfilled both roles seamlessly. All whilst drawing the lions share of attention just by virtue of existing on the field.

Challenger Mode Bracket



1st Place – $100 in Steam Gift cards


  • EtaN
  • Firework

-Veterans- and Pro Aim locked in a relentless sniper duel

2nd Place – $50 in Steam Gift cards

Pro Aim

  • Helicopter
  • mcc72k

Pro Aim staring down a vicious rocket and shotgun barrage from Green Leaf

3rd Place – $20 in Steam Gift cards


  • Geiger
  • Malme

Team westwind focusing all their firepower into a single lancing point

Replays & VODs

Replays from the FPL group stage and Playoffs will be available in the Featured tab of the Replays menu in-game and viewable until next update.

Full English Cast with Incursus and Noze

Full German Cast with Salzwerk and DankeMerkel


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