Forts Pro League – Season 3


G’day, Forts fans!

Are you ready for Season 3 of the Forts Pro League? We certainly hope so because we’re throwing things wide open this season and merging the leagues. Everyone can sign up for the FPL group stage and registration opens today! Register your team on Challengermode and Discord following the instructions below.

Teams will be seeded into groups of 10 where they will face each other in a round robin format, with one match being played per week. Teams may schedule their match at any time during the week, but if they have not played by Saturday at 8pm utc they must contact a league official on Discord and make themselves available to play their match at this time. Any team not present will forfeit the round. At the end of this stage, the teams with the most points in each group will qualify for the playoffs, where the ultimate winners will be decided.


When is it going to happen?

Signups for the FPL begin now and end on February 21st at 8pm utc. Opening day is February 24th at 8pm utc. The playoffs (tentatively scheduled for May 25th 8pm utc) will be held once the round robin stage has concluded.

How to participate?

Everyone is eligible to sign up for the group stage of the FPL this season!

First, see the Forts Pro League Official Rules

Then form your team of two and meet the following requirements. Player names must be clearly readable and match on Discord, Steam and Challengermode. The maximum length is 16 characters for players and teams. Players are expected to use this name when playing all of their matches. Offensive player or team names and profile images will result in disqualification from the league. Players currently under ranked or multiplayer bans are also ineligible to compete.

Team tags must be 3 characters or less.

Team logos should be 128×128 pixels. Offensive images will result in disqualification.

How to join the Forts Pro League:

  • Click on the Challengermode link;
  • Click ‘Join Tournament’ (you must have an account on Challengermode);
  • If you already have a teammate, click ‘Join with Team’;
  • You will be asked to create a team if you do not have a team yet
  • Close this window and invite your teammate (Click on your team name on the right side of the window to invite them);
  • Return to the FPL Season 3 page;
  • Click ‘Join Tournament’ once again;
  • Choose your lineup and click ‘Join’;
  • Message @42scientist on the Forts Official Discord with your Team name, roster, team tag and logo. Also include the Discord and Steam ID’s of you and your teammate.;
  • You are now officially registered in the Forts Pro League!

[b]Team Capacitor
[CAP] Fred[/b]
(Link to Fred’s Steam profile)
[CAP] Max
(Link to Max’s Steam profile)

Sample entry with Team and Logo

What are the prizes for Pro League?

  • 1st place: $100

  • 2nd place: $50

  • 3rd place: $20

Prizes will be split equally between team members and distributed as a Steam gift card.



For more information on rules and match scheduling please read the Forts Pro League Official Rules

Earthwork Games reserves the right to make changes to this event as needed


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