Forts Ranked Multiplayer Season 1 Winners

G’day, Forts fans!

Today sees the culmination of the first season of Forts ranked multiplayer. After thousands of battles, we have our champions of the 1v1 and 2v2 leaderboards. Congratulations to CNFT_ LZjun topping the 1v1 leaderboard after eighty eight. In the 2v2 arena, KnuffigesPuffi claimed the top spot. Well done!

These players will receive an in-game gold medal for their heroics, with the second and third placed players receiving silver and bronze medals respectively. On top of this, all players who finished in the top 20 will receive a medal to reflect that. The top 20 of each leaderboards are as follows:

1v1 Leaderboard

  1. CNFT_LZjun
  2. 2784724182速出加农
  3. KnuffigesPuffi
  4. CNFT_zhang502
  5. CNFT_BlackBird
  6. pudy248
  7. QASAklim_
  8. CNFT_DuskDawn
  9. 魔魇大大
  10. Romerolagus
  11. Kamen Rider Ab
  12. 喵呜~~~
  13. EreXiuM
  14. Zi_Min
  15. Jorge-Stoom
  16. tony
  17. Kamsta99
  18. Bowser
  19. Trekjeft
  20. 0fred0m

2v2 Leaderboard

  1. KnuffigesPuffi
  2. Emile-wa
  3. Grizz (Commend Meツ)
  4. JKS
  5. Gluflex
  6. Romerolagus
  7. QASAklim_
  8. АРБУЗ
  9. 2727342737
  10. 1075115010
  11. Баклажан
  12. 18302030633
  13. slibarmann
  14. 枫叶丶柚子茶
  15. DJ_lazysheep
  16. Monika_Chan
  17. oDa_
  18. CNFT_zhang502
  19. Red_Lhok
  20. BSKDragon

Season 2

In a bid to increase competitiveness on the leaderboards, we are reducing the duration of seasons to two months. Therefore, Season 2 will finish on November 30th. The leaderboards have been reset, the season starts now! To the battlefield!

Thanks for playing Forts.


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