Forts Ranked Multiplayer – Season 10 Champions!

G’day Forts fans!

The Forts ranked multiplayer season 10 has come to a close with some new faces gracing the top 20. But 1st place once again belongs to [DFC] Etan who successfully defended their title and takes home the gold! [DFC] Matteo also repeats their season 9 finish in 2nd place and stays within striking distance of that elusive title. [DFC] Geiger rounds out the top three and secures the DFC stranglehold on the podium after being upset in season 9. trygon_123 who broke though the DFC podium blockade last season was unable to reprise the spoiler role and falls to 8th despite an amazing yet all too brief undefeated run.

While [DFC] Etan, [DFC] Matteo, and [DFC] Geiger add gold, silver and bronze to their already impressive collections all players finishing within the top 20 will receive a season 10 medal. Congratulations to everyone who placed…

1v1 Leaderboard

  1. [DFC] EtaN
  2. [DFC] Matteo
  3. [DFC] Geiger
  4. [DFC] Firework
  5. [DFC] Pan W
  6. [DFC] Bobereto
  7. [DFC] Bowser
  8. trygon_123
  9. Marvin
  10. 南部Type 2A SMG
  11. Teutonick
  12. 白给今天Sky了吗
  13. [DFC] ShinyMoney
  14. Finn
  15. [DFC] Tux
  16. [DFC] Luca
  17. [DFC] LandPlanters
  18. [DFC] Alexc
  19. KillerGruetze
  20. [DFC] Noha

Season 11

Look for Desert Ruins, the winning map from Forts Map Making Contest II designed by [DFC] CronkhinatorYT to debut soon in Season 11, which is already underway and ends on Monday, May 31st.


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