Forts Ranked Multiplayer – Season 11 Champions!

G’day Forts fans!

Season 11 wraps up with some familiar names on top of the leaderboard. EtaN notches an unprecedented third consecutive title to go along with victories in tournaments XVII and XVIII. Is there anyone who can end this epic win streak?

If you ask our 2nd place finisher [DFC] Matteo the answer would most assuredly be “Yes.” They’ve been neck and neck with EtaN this whole time and recently experienced some major breakthroughs. In April Matteo and his partner [DFC] Bobereto won the inaugural season of Reloflex’s Pro League. And then in May at Josiah de Brueys Operation Mayrush 1v1 tournament he reached a major milestone, beating EtaN twice in the finals to take his first head to head victory as well as the title. Hot on their heels is [DFC] Firework who reaches the podium for the first time after placing 4th in both seasons 8 and 10.

While the top 3 receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze, all players finishing in the top 20 will receive a Season 11 medal. Congratulations!

On a more somber note, some very unsportsmanlike conduct came to light during the end of season audit. This included attempts to artificially influence match outcomes. Players engaging in such actions forfeit their ranking and face temporary or permanent bans.

1v1 Leaderboard

  1. EtaN
  2. [DFC] Matteo
  3. [DFC] Firework
  4. [DFC] felixwoelmuis
  5. Teutonick
  6. [DFC] Bobereto
  7. Finn
  8. alfq_
  9. Not 4 Hire
  10. Geiger
  11. mcc72k
  12. Liuhe
  13. von Eagle
  14. [DFC] Noha
  15. KillerGruetze
  16. Taichu
  17. MandalorianJedi
  18. LabyrinthSkY
  19. [DFC] Bowser
  20. sco

Season 12

Season 12 is now underway and will run through July 31st. Will your name be on the next list?


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