Forts Ranked Multiplayer – Season 14 Champions!

G’day Forts fans!

Season 14 concludes as the first full season played with increased warhead upgrading times and faster clearing of smoke by repair stations. Who was able to adapt and who fell behind? Undeterred by these changes EtaN once again takes gold and his 5th title out of the last 6 seasons. Warhead and smoke changes also proved no impediment to Firework, another perennial top 5 player and spoiler to EtaN’s nearly perfect Season 13, who adds a silver trophy to their collection. 3rd place experiences a shakeup though as Noha reaches the podium for the first time takes home a shiny bronze trophy.

While the top 3 places receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze, every player finishing within the top 20 will receive a Season 14 Medal. Congratulations!

1v1 Leaderboard

  1. EtaN
  2. Firework
  3. Noha
  4. Teutonick
  5. Matteo
  6. Zupper
  7. Malme
  8. Bowser
  9. Property Tax
  10. Amburulo
  11. YumKaaX
  12. bl00dparasite
  13. steffen
  14. Geiger
  15. tecru
  16. Domi
  17. Gruetze
  18. Salzwerk
  19. Finn
  20. Kregazi

Unfortunately we must also address a far less pleasant topic this season. It had not occurred to us that we would need to specify some prohibited activities in ranked matches. Among these are match fixing, and more seriously account sharing and use of multiple accounts to engage in match fixing. Our expectation was that these behaviours were commonly understood by all players to be unacceptable. A player with access to two accounts and playing against themselves is in no way a reflection of the spirit of fair competition. Account sharing is also a violation of Steam’s Subscriber Agreement and may result in account termination.

To end on a more uplifting note we wanted to highlight one player’s ranked story. Salzwerk has provided German casts on Twitch for several official and community run tournaments, as well as match commentaries. Near the start of the year he began playing ranked himself and has been documenting the entire journey on his YouTube channel. From his very first games through the current season you can follow along and share his ups and downs, the excitement and frustration, and perhaps even the occasional dash of salt. Culminating in his first top 20 finish this season and a badge of his own to show off in lobbies. Well done!

Season 15

Season 15 is already underway and will run through January 31st on the new six map rotation, now including the winner of Forts Map Making Contest III, Pyro’s Battlegrounds 1v1.


If you haven’t already, join our Forts Official Discord server for discussions on weapons, strategies and modding with our friendly and helpful community!


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