Forts Ranked Multiplayer – Season 26 Champions!


G’day Forts fans!

Congratulations to Dranistian! A fixture of the competitive scene since joining Forts, FPL competitor, runner up in Tournament XXVI and half of Team Green Leaf with partner Vykro. Fearlessly innovative play propelled him to the top and he can now add Season 26 champion to his list of accomplishments. In second place Poolboy, who lives and breathes Forts, playing enough for any 4 normal people. And in 3rd, EtaN, whose immense trophy collection grew so large it required a game update to properly display.

While the top 3 places receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze, every player finishing within the top 20 will receive a Season 26 Medal. Congratulations to all medalists as well!

Some Season 26 trivia:

  • This season included a Free Weekend which briefly overwhelmed us
  • Over 35,000 matches played this season, not including those lost (see above)
  • Shotguns + Rockets vs Howitzer + Cannon was the defining matchup separating the top 20
  • Amongst the top players, Armourdillo has suddenly emerged as the new commander of choice


1v1 Leaderboard

  1. Dranistian
  2. Poolboy
  3. EtaN
  4. 籽岷妙妙屋
  5. mcc72k
  6. Alesio
  7. Schuka
  8. KURTaxe
  9. Maybe Poolboy
  10. 打帅币
  11. Geiger
  12. Malme
  13. [BOG]#Der Benzinpreisvergleicher
  14. [WTF] Domy
  15. kulipa0627
  16. Armordillo
  17. iTen
  18. JoKURT
  19. neoboletus.erythropus
  20. I am myself


Season 27

Season 27 is already underway and will run through January 31st. This season’s map pool consists of the following battlefields:

  • Abyss
  • Hillfort
  • Moorings
  • Pillars
  • Desert Ruins
  • Battlegrounds 1v1


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