Forts Ranked Multiplayer Season 3 Winners

G’day, Forts fans!

Season 3 of Forts ranked multiplayer has now concluded, and we’dre happy to congratulate
QASAklim_ for claiming the top spot after a couple of months of honest work in the 1v1 arena. Over in the 2v2 scene, 2733382874 has emerged victorious, so congratulations to them.

These players will receive an in-game gold medal for their heroics, with the second and third placed players receiving silver and bronze medals respectively. On top of this, all players who finished in the top 20 will receive a medal to reflect that. The top 20 of each leaderboards are as follows:

1v1 Leaderboard

  1. QASAklim_
  2. Matteo0160
  3. samsam
  4. M4r0x | 無知な人間
  5. MrRauL124
  6. 魔魇大大
  7. Trekjeft
  8. HTBED
  9. Teutonick
  10. Jorge-Stoom
  11. vazquezma89
  12. CNFT_zhang502
  13. YUPUIP
  14. innocent child
  15. 君榆哟~
  16. 寂静的星空
  17. CNFT_摄像机
  18. CNFT_W11AWA
  19. boberetoGaming
  20. Technik

2v2 Leaderboard

  1. 2733382874
  3. HTBED
  4. QASAklim_
  5. CNFT_zhang502
  6. 副营长郝萌
  7. delitch
  8. Scon
  9. samsam
  10. Fumishow
  11. Vecro
  12. bananamilk233
  13. CNFT_DuskDawn
  14. CNFT_APlanmao
  15. milomill
  16. the KGB
  17. Megared
  18. 宁静致远
  19. 18326782360
  20. Paul ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Season 4

The leaderboards have been reset, and Season 4 is now under way. Tuesday March 31st see the end of the season. In an effort to improve the ranked scene, we have improved the random map functionality, and reduced the ability for players to play an opponent more than three times to game the system.

Thanks for playing Forts.


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