Forts Ranked Multiplayer Season 5 Winners & Losers

G’day Forts fans! We’re back again to announce the Forts ranked multiplayer winners and losers!

Season five has now come to a close, and we’d like to congratulate WIG_伞皇 on topping the leaderboard. Second place was secured by Land Planters, with WIG_Wydbee in third place. Well done, all! Your in-game medals will be awarded shortly.

Sadly, it has come to our attention that some players have been cheating, feeding each other with easy wins in order to boost their position on the leaderboard. Their scores in season 5 have been removed, and we are now developing a process to discourage any further cheating.

Season six, ending July 31st, will be tougher than ever! Where will you place?

Season 5 Leaderboard

  1. WIG_伞皇
  2. Land Planters
  3. WIG_Wydbee
  4. Not 4 Hire
  5. Harder_Stars
  6. Jorge-Stoom
  7. Teutonick
  8. China_YUPUIP
  9. WIG_Rothes – 肉丝
  10. China_273
  11. JunYu
  12. CNFT_药丸
  13. NitramiuZ
  14. gemar
  15. Harder_沐沐鱼
  16. QASAklim_
  17. FYFT_软弹
  18. HTBED
  19. Emile-wa
  20. Glorious German Engineering

Thanks for playing Forts, and all the best for the new term!


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