Forts Ranked Multiplayer Season 7 Winners

G’day, Forts fans!

The Forts ranked multiplayer Season 7 has just wrapped up, and the places on the podium frozen in time forever. Coming in third place, we have Trekjeft. Second goes to [DFC] Bowser, who has improved on third from season 6. Top of the pile, and the new Forts ranked multiplayer 1v1 champion is WIG_WYDBEE! Congratulations!

WIG_WYDBEE’s heroism will be recognised with the awarding of the season 7 gold medal, with the second and third placed players receiving silver and bronze medals respectively. As usual, all players who finished in the top 20 will receive a medal to reflect that. Well done to all the following participants…

1v1 Leaderboard

  2. [DFC] Bowser
  3. Trekjeft
  4. WIG_273
  5. Land Planters
  7. Not 4 Hire
  8. [DFC] EtaN
  9. WIG_Zhusha
  10. [DFC] felixwoelmuis
  11. Teutonick
  12. 六核
  13. WIG_lizi
  14. NitramiuZ
  15. Particularly Odd Oven
  16. [DFC] M4r0x
  17. Geiger
  18. [DFC]II MeowtheKitty
  19. WIG_Rothes – 肉丝
  20. kotvit2010

Season 8

Season 8 has already kicked off, and ends Monday November 30th. How well will you do this season?


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