Forts Tournament V Winner – xRayz3n

G’day Forts Fans! Sunday saw the fifth installment of the Forts tournament. Players from across the planet blasted away at each other to determine who would have the last fort standing.

After many bullets fired, and many missiles launched in both the European and North American brackets, xRayz3n and BalRock took on each other as finalists. The best-of-three series was fiercely fought, but in the end xRayz3n’s fort remained standing strong, while the valiant BalRock’s base lay in smouldering ruins. Congratulatlios to xRayz3n, and if you want to see the action, check out Quxzcover’s finals videos:

Quxzcover’s Strategy Guides

Two-time Forts tournament winner Quxzcover has been hard at work producing a series of strategy guides on his YouTube channel. Click the link below to see his insights:

Also check out Forts developer Beeman’s strategy guide, for yet more useful tips:

Thanks for playing Forts, and if you want to see the replays, join in on the next tournament, or just get involved with and battle other members of the Forts online community, head over to the Official Forts Discord server!


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